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Can the US-NATO leopard change its spots for peace?

One dramatic impact of the Paris terror attack and the contradictions within the NATO camp and vis a vis the GCC-Turkish Camp, is that all of Putin's worst detractors are queuing up to meet him and seek his words of wisdom ....

The photos of Putin, Obama with their 2 advisors sitting around a table for just 4 has gone all across the world

Cameron who was a anti-Putin Hawk was today getting himself photographed with Putin ensuring all cooperation ....

Hollande will be dashing, or should I say - Da-eshing off :) :) off to Moscow and DC to iron out all details for future coordination ...

Even Erdogan is behaving himself ...

Putin has emerged as the central figure in this Global war against ISIS and terror in general ... the most popular leader across the world ...

It was just last year, at the G20, were Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande were not even willing to look at Putin, leave along even shake hands with him .... now its all dramatically turned around ...

The question here for all of us to consider is that why has the PARIS False Flag boomeranged so fast?? They expected the NFZ-SZ strategy, but the contradictions to Up the Ante in Syria, were too strong to be resolved.

Which of the EU nations are the strong dissenting voices ...?? Led by Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania ?? more ??...

Also in the US its not taken the NFZ-SZ route despite immediate statements to that effect by Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and Chertoff

Need our European & American friends to enlighten us here ....


Syria needs your help. We need your help. Next week we will be in Syria.

November 27, 2015

Dear Friends of a Sovereign, Independent and Unified Syria,

At the invitation of the Syrian Ministry of Reconciliation, a delegation of 6-8 members of the Syria Solidarity Movement will arrive in Syria on Dec. 4, 2015. Its mission is to pursue all means of supporting the internal efforts of Syrians to overcome divisions and to end foreign intervention.

The delegates include analysts, researchers, commentators and organizers like Ajamu Baraka (US, living in Colombia) and Glen Ford (US) of the Black Agenda Report, Eva Bartlett (Canada) and Paul Larudee (US) of the Free Palestine Movement and human rights advocates Vanessa Beeley (UK) and Jacob Cohen (France). Palestinian organizer and civil rights campaigner Amal Wahdan will also join us from Ramallah, and hopefully community organizer Dr. Issa Chaer from the UK, as well. Many of us are on SSM governing committees.

We will meet with former armed opposition members that have accepted government amnesty, with representatives of civil society groups, religious leaders and community representatives. We will try to arrange for some of them to come to Europe and North America on speaking tours and to meet with their counterparts, as well as government officials. We hope to challenge established thinking on the issues that are driving the conflict.

But we are in desperate need of your help in order to make this happen.

We do not need a lot of financial support to accomplish what we have in mind, but we need some. In fact, we need only $3000 to make this mission possible without cutting corners and causing hardship to the participants. But until now we have managed to raise less than $850.

PLEASE, PLEASE help. We do so much on a volunteer basis, and we’re willing to sacrifice. But we have been unable to pay even the meager stipend of $250/month that supports our hardworking webmaster, Eva, who has nonetheless accepted to continue on a volunteer basis. SNAG, our weekly news magazine has almost entirely been the volunteer work of the tireless Rick Sterling.

Please help us bring a different voice to the issues affecting Syria, one that is not well heard or understood. Shouldn’t we hear all the points of view? What is the point of having an open mind if some viewpoints are inaccessible?

SUPPORT OUR WORK with your donations, at Please be generous. Thank you.

The Syria Solidarity Movement

PLEASE NOTE: A group in the UK is illegally using our name and also recommending illegal actions against Syria. We are pursuing legal remedy to compel them to stop using our name, but the process is slow. Please be aware of this problem. Your donations to help with our effort are gratefully appreciated.

All donations are US tax exempt.