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Greens members harassed for expressing valid views on environment and population

Why has a Greens Population/Sustainability Working Group Member been vilified as racist and sexist and harassed with threats of expulsion for sticking up for our wildlife against needless rapid population growth? Read what Geoff Dowsett wrote and the response he got from candidate Tamara Ryan (included in the article).

This is what he wrote, asking Greens to circularise Greens candidates:

GEOFF:"As a candidate for John Kaye's Upper House seat how about a strong statement and policy improvement suggestion from you to address the desperate need to stabilise Australia`s population growth? The current "economic"---middle class so called skilled (non refugee) immigration rate of 500,000 per year including 457 Visa (a world record high intake) is not sustainable. Sydney's population is growing by 83,000 net pa under the Liberal Govt's Immigration scam. It is causing excessive impact on inadequate infrastructure-impact on natural eco-systems through urban growth and consumer demand. Increased traffic congestion in our major cities - sky rocketing housing prices. Of course the immigration rate is just what big business wants particularly the housing industry while our quality of life, natural environment and urban environment goes down the gurgler. The immigration rate is also closely linked with the insane growth economy which is addicted to continuing growth in consumption. It is HYPOCRISY of the Greens to have a policy of sustainable economy without a policy for a substantial reduction in immigration. Priority should be humanitarian i.e. for political and environmental refugees NOT wealthy middle class business migrants. When will the Greens members such as yourself bite the bullet on population ? I won't vote for you unless you make a statement indicating a clear commitment to reducing Turnbull's excessive Immigration and 457 Visa intake."(Geoff Dowsett. Member. Hornsby Kuringai Greens. Population/Sustainability Working Group Member. Statement above does not represent the views of all of the working group.)

What do you think of this response?

TAMARA: "Geoff. I understand your membership is being collectively reconsidered for your frequent racist and sexist comments like these Jeff. Your views on climate action via controlling immigration have no place in this party.represent the Environment

I don't care about your vote, but I do care fiercely about advocating for women's autonomy over their bodies, rejecting racism and opening borders. Capitalist structures that promote continuous growth and waste by corporations and governments are responsible for stifling efforts on climate change, not people seeking a place and way to live.

Read more here if you would like some more education on this :)  Neoliberalism Poisoned Climate Action And Renewables Are The Antidote (2/8/2016) Mew Matilda

Tamara Ryan Candidate

The implied accusation of sexism seemed to be linked to some idea that Geoff was trying to interfere with women's rights to control their bodies. I cannot see anywhere where Geoff suggests this should happen. I also cannot see any reference to race in what Geoff wrote. Tamara makes gestures of support for the unemployed and working class, but for some reason, she doesn't seem to mind the super-rich being imported in hundreds of thousands to Australia as planned invited economic immigrants. Or does she have no idea of the actual numbers and how they are chosen? Does she think all immigrants are actually refugees? Tamara seems to be in favour of completely open borders, not just humane treatment of refugees: "Close the camps, open the borders, free all refugees." (

Is Open Borders official Greens policy now?

Ms Ryan's unpleasant response to Mr Dowsett seems sexist itself, with an unfounded slur of 'racism', and an implied threat about his membership of The Greens being 'collectively reconsidered'. This is not the only time I have heard of Greens members in population working groups being intimidated, for I have suffered by it personally.

Personal experience

As a committee member of Prosper Australia, around the time of the formation of its ‘green’ Earthsharing brand, I personally experienced, with another committee member, similar treatment from a cluster of new members, vocally hostile about our affiliation with Sustainable Population Australia (SPA). This hostility manifested as a very threatening warning from one of them following a small rally of oddly assorted pro- lifers and claimants to be refugee advocates outside a perfectly innocent but important public meeting on democracy in Australia which we as members of SPA were holding at the premises of Prosper with the blessing of the Prosper committee. As it transpired, our treatment was part of a hostile takeover by Socialist Alliance members of the comparatively wealthy NGO. We had to leave. Some of these people later have thrown their weight about in the Greens on population issues.

I later joined my local Greens, far away from Prosper, but at the mention of population, (myself and) another member (an immigrant from Cairo whom I had only met in that branch) and I were sent to Coventry by a then recent blow-in from the Labour Party, who took over the management of that branch of the Greens email list. No-one now would dare discuss the obvious problem of high immigration, with its huge contribution to high population growth, and the impact on wildlife and the green wedges of expanding suburbs.

Here is someone else’s experience

A few years ago I heard the following tale, which has now been written down for the record:

"This is my recollection of working with a team within the Greens on revising the Population Policy. At that time many of the Greens’ polices were being reviewed by working groups. About eight of us met several times in the city after work to focus on the policy and to improve it.

As I recall there was little or no friction or disagreement within the group on any of the points. We were all focused on sustainability and environment and did our best to reflect this in the alterations to the then policy. This work resulted in a document noting changes on which we all agreed. As I understand , this document was sent to Adelaide for a committee to consider it. As I understand, also, it was rejected completely as it had too many amendments from the original policy. That is what I was told.

Some time after this I was also told that at a large, possibly national Greens gathering or convention in Carlton, that when the issue of population came up, there were very loud intimidating aggressive voices raised to silence anyone who wanted to wade in on the topic. One of the people who had been part of the working group emailed the rest of us after attending this event, saying that he had no further wish to pursue this any further in view of the threatening tone of these people at the meeting. I never heard from this person again and the working group effectively dissolved at that point."

Greens Crucible

[New video version here since last one taken off-line.]

Such censorship and bullying control by people dominating in a group reminds me of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, a play about witch trials in 17th century America. It is a play which has often been studied by high school students with the glaring lesson that free speech can be snuffed out by irrational alliances within the dominant doctrine. It sometimes seems as though the Greens are increasingly defined by people who have taken the role of Puritans accusing anyone they disagree with of witchcraft, except they accuse them of sexism and racism, where none exists. But the implications are similarly terrible, in that they are designed to stigmatise, ostracise, and disempower those they target, thereby silencing their views. In Miller’s Crucible the accusers were themselves guilty of playing at sorcery. They became fearful of being denounced themselves as sinners, and defend themselves by accusing others of attempting to bewitch them.

If this is so then The Greens have gone down a blind alley and philosophically seem to have reached a dead end. What are they about if they cannot tackle the main threat to “green-ness”, environmental sustainability and conservation of nature and wildlife, which is human population numbers in situ?

What are the elders in the Greens doing about the stifling of discussion within the ranks of the party? What do they think of the association between their members, so-called socialist groups and the violent Antifa, who are paid to riot?[1] [No insult intended here to real socialists or anarchists.] They seem to be standing back or even approving while the intimidation grows. [2] Are they in fact also the product of unexamined ideology? Do they agree with its effects, which are to keep Australian political debate confused and unrepresentative, bogged down in imagined racism and sexism (while real racism and sexism continue) and overpopulation and overdevelopment turn our environment into concrete. Are they all globalists? Do they really agree with massive, developed, urbanized import-export economies which destroy the diversity of hunter-gatherers, herders, tribes and nations for this?

What can people who really are environmentalists do when the party that bears their flag provides cover for materialistic land-speculating nature-destroying neoliberalism for which population-dependent economic growth at all costs is God? What can they do about the growing violence and intimidation in the Greens?


[1] Internationally: Wrong kind of green.



Wow, that's a very serious stuff and deserving much more research and investigation."....Real political resistance offers no such
short cuts. The NGO-ization of politics threatens to turn resistance
into a well-mannered, reasonable, salaried, 9-to-5 job. With a few perks
thrown in. Real resistance has real consequences. And no salary." A Ghost Story
Rockefeller to Mandela, Vedanta to Anna Hazare.... How long can the cardinals of corporate gospel buy up our protests?".....NGOs, like missionaries, are used to penetrate an area to prepare
favorable conditions for agribusiness for export, sweatshops, resource
mines, and tourist playgrounds. While these days military action is
usually characterized (at least to the home population) as a humanitarian intervention,
the ostensibly humanitarian character of NGOs seems to justify itself.
But it is essential to apply the same critical eye to NGO interventions
that we do to military interventions.."

Some of you may have received begging letters like the one below from GetUp. It invites you to go and declare your concerns to them, but, when you get there, GetUp only dictates a range of concerns which leave you with no possibility of mentioning population or immigration, wildlife or civil rights or anything outside the mainstream global paradigm, with the possible exception of climate change - although I would maintain that this is within the global paradigm; just contested. I met one of the Get up people in a satellite town of Melbourne when I went there to give a talk to an environmental organisation. This person admitted to me that Get Up is not interested in that subject and that they basically hire 'organisers' to shape politics in various regions, with the general effect of getting more people to vote for the ALP.

The personal information and networking capability that GetUp derives from people telling them what they think about selected subjects is incredibly valuable for GetUp, but they give nothing back for it; presumably they also sell the information on and we who fall for their ploys, are more easily manipulated.

Some years ago Tom Gosling, of SPA, had this to say about Getup:

"GetUp is the 21st century secular equivalent of the American radio and TV evangelists.

Its formula is:

1) Identify hot button issues

2) Take the populist line you know will attract donations

3) Dress it all up using all the powerful tricks of the new media

4) Appoint some kid with an ethnic name and hardly a clue to decoy the media for you

5) Make joining free, but ensure you have messages that will resonate with guilt and attract donations

6) Stand back and watch the gullible well-meaning suckers jump on the bandwagon

7) Cream off donations in the form of consultancy fees

It is an interesting new kind of wolf in sheep's clothing. Not a political party, with a manifesto and elected representatives, but a quick shape-changing parasite that has evolved to make a bit of spending money for a handful of clever opportunists who know how to exploit the new communication technology.

Oh that such wickedness should be!"

When your MP
heads to Parliament later this month, what will they
stand for? You

More than
15,000 people have already voted in our survey on what
issues are most important and urgent for your

Parliament returns, the results will be delivered to
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Rockefeller, Ford Foundations Behind World Social Forum (WSF). The Corporate Funding of Social Activism

Rockefeller, Ford Foundations Behind World Social Forum (WSF). The Corporat...

The anti-globalization movement is opposed to Wall Street and the Texas oil giants. Yet the foundations and char...

Some of us are here in Montreal. Not only does this explain the extent of corporate funding in the Social Forum, it states how the last one, in 2013, came up with a statement about the "Syrian revolution." (Though, in fairness, some gullible people could have maintained such a thing in 2013, but only people with real problems connecting to reality can assert that today.)

The environmental agenda of the Greens seems to have slipped under the radar and I wonder if this was the original intention of the Party, started under Bob Brown, or has it just been warped by the loony and extreme "Left"? They are becoming totally impotent and handcuffed to their own illogical agendas. It's more about human worship, or "rights", without limits than anything do to with sustainability. World with no borders, unlimited human powers, the unanimous acceptance of any ideology or cultures, and the contradictory support of Islam - a severe Right wing totalitarian cult! The latter contradictorily leaves few right for women, and total rejection of sexual diversity.

They are increasingly exposing themselves to be inept, gagged by oxymorons and holding obscure Left objectives when challenged. They would like one generic world, devoid of sexes, culture, religion, and national identity. Any question of population growth- imposed by Capitalists - and family planning - exposes their real intent.

Not the response I would have expected from Tamara. Enlightening. The reference to the Crucible was interesting - my first thought on hearing of someone being accused of racism for opposing uncontrolled non-humanitarian immigration was that it smacked of the old witch-hunts. I assumed that Tamara had supported Geoff’s comments because she struck me as idealistic but practical and humane when I spoke with her. I guess I should have reserved my judgement.

Dear Hornsby Councilor,

Declare Hornsby Shire a zero population growth zone now - Geoff Dowsett, Hornsby resident since 1981.

The Turnbull Govternment's abuse of our traditionally humanitarian immigration system involves right wing social engineering of city electorates to achieve Lieberal victory in every seat and to satisfy big business "donors" greed for infinite profit growth. It is a cynical attack on our Aussie culture - the traditional working class, our quality of life, our living standards our public infrastructure, our fragile fauna and flora, our community trees, green belt, our urban heritage houses - the Aussie back yard leading to increasing traffic pollution, chaos and congestion - sky rocketting house prices as population increases – constant disruption of our communities by constant sub division demolition of our heritage houses and gardens – constant construction and building disturbance of our neighbourhoods - increasing population density- loss of heritage gardens wild life and bio diversity - infrastructue melt down, rising prices as demand sky rockets - the list goes on and on. In other words unprecedented corporate welfare - achieved by importing record high numbers of non humanitarian "immigrants" - right wing, upper caste, aspirational, materialistic, conformists, happy to live in Mirvac and Lendlease's ugly monotonous McMansions in the western suburbs and Harry Trigaboof`s high rise battery hen tower block chook pens and eager to vote Lieberal while our rich socially diverse Australians are escaping this invasion of Sydney or suffering the foreign invasion inflicted on them - our poor - traditional working class, our artists, bohemians, old hippies, ferals, true Greenies forced out to create a polluted mono cultural fascist Sydney.

Demand an end to Turnbull's destructive, corrupt immigration ponzi rort now - No more non-humanitarian so-called 'skilled immigration' and family reunions.

Australia's world record high, irresponsible, destructive population growth - now the highest in the OECD

Sustainable Population Australia Page shared a video of Q&A's program of December 11, 2017 [where Turnbull was asked the following question about the very high immigration].

"Could you explain why you are allowing approximately 200,000 people ( It`s actually more like 500,000 net pa ) to immigrate to this country every year & are there any plans to limit this intake or will it go on ad infinitem? What is the purpose of this massive intake which is well above other countries per capita?"

What do you think?