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Editors experiencing connection problems with Telstra - problem solved

Update: Problem appears to have been solved. Today 12 October 2016, after about a week, a Telstra tech arrived at our front door and inspected the wiring inside front gate and house. He said that everywhere outside our house checked out, so it must be inside. In fact, it seems that our numerous long telephone extension cords were too old. So we probably cannot blame Telstra this time. We replaced the old cords and the problem seems to have gone away.

This was originally a notice to explain the lack of activity on over the past few days. The Editors have experienced multiple outages with their telstra connection, both phone and internet, to the point that they can usually only use these for minutes at a time. No time to see the international news, read email, or edit articles. We are told that the problem may be fixed tomorrow. We certainly hope so.

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A suspicious person might suspect some kind of conspiracy here aimed at hampering your operations. But we all know that Australian organisations are above such political interference!!

Yes, that had occurred to us. It is now two days since we were last told it would be fixed. We have had longer periods on today and shorter disconnects, but these interruptions have added hours to work on this site.

The lack of communication service you describe is outrageous. Phones used to work all the time and now they drop out or issue forth with white noise over which it is hard to hear the signal (voice). Furthermore, the way my land line is now set up it won't work if there is a power outage. I am told that they want everyone's land line to be like this, through a modem. Not sure it can still actually be called a land line come to think of it. I alerted him to this problem but the technician said " oh just use your mobile" as he blithely disconnected me from the line forever.