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Obama, John Kerry welcomed ISIS as tool for US empire

[...]John Kerry himself [...] admitted, in a meeting with Syrian opposition, the Obama administration saw the ISIS advance as a positive development: “[W]e know that this was growing, we were watching, we saw that DAESH [ ISIS] was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened. [We] thought, however, we could probably manage that. Assad might then negotiate.”(By “negotiate,” Kerry meant “capitulate”—negotiate the terms of his abdication.) For the Serious People in Washington, this—the impending takeover of Syria by ISIS and Al-Qaeda jihadis—meant things were going swimmingly. (Al-Nusra was at the time—and still is, less officially—the affiliate of Al-Qaeda in Syria.) As Daniel Lazare pointed out: “After years of hemming and hawing, the Obama administration has finally come clean about its goals in Syria. In the battle to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, it is siding with Al Qaeda…[R]ather than protesting what is in fact a joint U.S.-Al Qaeda assault, the Beltway crowd is either maintaining a discreet silence or boldy hailing Al Nusra’s impending victory as ‘the best thing that could happen in a Middle East in crisis.’”

The recapture of Aleppo by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies marks a turning point not only in the conflict in Syria, but also in the dynamic of international conflict. For the first time since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the rolling imperial engine of regime change via American-led military intervention has been stopped in its tracks. To be sure, it’s certainly not out of service, even in Syria, and it will seek and find new paths for devastating disobedient countries, but its assumed endgame for subjugating Syria has been rudely interrupted. And in our historical context, Syria interrupted is imperialism interrupted.

Read more at "Game Change: Syria, Interrupted" by Jim Kavanagh.

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I find the media bias against Trump absolutely unbelievable! I have never heard a living national leader spoken about in such a doubt casting way.- not even Kim Jong il or Pol Pot or Robert Mugabe!!!!

Today I heard on the ABC about his unpredictability. The criticisms are quite personal and undermining of respect. It is as though the media feel utterly safe in speaking this way.

I also heard on Radio Melbourne (774) Marine le Pen being described as a strong possibility of wining the French election, as “populist” and as "far right riding on a wave of nationalism”. Gee, they have no idea what “right” is!

i agree sarah. i don't like trump so far, but i can easily see that the mainstream media is running an undermining and sabotaging campaign against him.

sadly, many of my intelligent friends believe this tirade!

I concur with your sentiments Sarah. As Geoffrey Taylor said in his piece, the MSM have it in for Trump and everybody and anybody who dares to air an opinion other than the elitist agenda put about mainly by Wall and War Streets. Like Geoff, I don't agree with many of Trump's policies, but he has spared us the spectre of Hilary the Warmonger and and the strong possibility of WW3.

After listening to 10 minutes of Paul Barry's Media Watch on Monday evening re: fake news and alternative facts which was followed by Q&A with Tony Jones espousing the very same "Fake News"! Poor old Tone stuck in the 20th century and/or maybe somewhere infinitely worse, still believes that Bashar al-Assad is THE evil dictator running around slaughtering all and sundry in Syria. Maybe Tone should take a squizz into his own predilections and then check the facts. Even the Donald is awake up to this sought bull shit because fake news, alternative facts, propaganda, call what you like, but it's a load of Farmer Brown's finest whichever way you look at it!!

The Australian mainstream media are as guilty of peddling this sought of bull shit as anybody else and it includes the ABC who should know better. Not only is it fake news, but the other side of the argument is never told, there is no balanced reporting let alone journalism. The story is the version which tows the Wall and War Street line ie is singing straight from the neoliberal song sheet. The trouble is that there is nobody, I repeat nobody, in the Australian Federal Government that has the balls to call the MSM out!