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Hacked Macron emails and is the US Deep State funding Macron?

There is a piece going round, signed by 'Anon', which lists well-known facts about a Deep State organisation which is supposed to be funding Macron. It says, for instance, that Macron joined the Fondation Jean Jaures in 2006 and that this association is a puppet of the National Endowment for Democracy. Indeed, if you look at their political partners' website, you can see that The Center for American Progress is listed as one of their 'Political partners'. The Board of Directors of the Center for American Progress is redolent of the pre-Trump administration and the Clinton/Soros aligned. See some details of these links below the "Quick Rundown" inside. It does make sense, because Macron is backing the European Union which is really aligned with the United States and Macron has stated that he approves of Trump's recent foreign policy flip on the Middle East and North Korea. Macron has uncritically repeated the US CIA line of Putin being a dictator and a hacker.

Quick Rundown

-National Endowment for Democracy (NED) established to intervene in foreign politics in 1983.
-It is officially a non-governmental organization.
-It receives $50 million annually from the US government.
-Proceeds to intervene in foreign politics.
-1985 gets caught intervening in France against Mitterand.
-Helped depose Pinochet
-Finances candidates surreptitiously.
-Sets up “think tanks” to launder the money.
-Has shells for right, left, labor, and management.
-Macron is a fluent English speaker and ex-Rothschild & Co banker.
-Macron linked up with the NED in 2006.
-Joined Fondation Jean Jaurès, a French NED puppet in 2006.
-Spoke at Fondation Robert Schuman, another French NED puppet, events.
-François Hollande utilizes the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI another NED puppet) for the 2012 Socialist Party primaries.
-Tom McMahon, a DNC operative, helped the NDI organize the Socialist primaries in 2012.
-President Hollande appoints Macron as the Minister of Economy and Finance.
-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton notices him in 2012 in private correspondence.
-Tomicah Tillemann, her advisor, coordinated NED efforts though the State Department.
-Wikileaks confirmed the CIA interfered in the 2012 election.
-Tom McMahon returned to France again in 2016.
-Macron emerges as a well-funded dark horse candidate.
-Moves to the second round of the elections against Marine Le Pen.
-Macron endorsed by NED puppets Fillon, Sarkozy, Hollande, and Hamon.
Coincidence detected.
No-one else could beat Le Pen and neither could Macron without the deep state behind him. He seems to be a hollow man.

Fondation Jean Jaurès

(Macron has worked with the Fondation Jean Jaurès since 2006.) The Center for American Progress is listed as one of the Fondation Jean Jaurès's 'Political partners'. The Board of Directors of the Center for American Progress is studded with pre-Trump administration and the Clinton/Soros aligned pro-EU and NATO warmongers. "CAP receives money from multibillionaire hedge fund manager George Soros through two of his nonprofit groups, the Foundation to Support Open Society and the Open Society Institute. From 2005 through 2010, the two organizations gave CAP over $5.4 million. CAP receives money from other liberal-leaning foundations, including the Tides Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the foundation of Progressive Insurance chairman Peter B. Lewis." (

Board of Directors of the Center for American Progress

Sen. Tom Daschle, Chair
Neera Tanden, President
Secretary Madeleine Albright
Carol Browner
Glenn Hutchins
Jonathan Lavine
John Podesta
Susan Sandler
Tom Steyer
Donald Sussman
Jose Villarreal
Hansjörg Wyss

Hacked Macron emails

By the way, if anyone wants to download them all and do a search, the hacked Macron emails are at, and I downloaded some of the smaller zip files and they opened okay without viruses etc. Their contents were plausible but not particularly revealing. You would have to go through about 9GB to tease out whatever is there of interest.

Conspiracy theory and fake news

It is a bit rich for various mainstream news outlets to sheet this all home to fake-news alternative blogs, though. If there are some fake news alternatives, they have nothing on the professionals, like the Center for American Progress and the New Democracy Foundation, which are bankrolled with millions of dollars and seed-fund revolutions to dissolve nations and turn them into consumers, in the name of 'freedom'. Open Societies Foundations and their offspring have greatly degraded Australia's home-grown political parties and NGOs. This is a tragedy. See

The only way people can escape the tyranny of funded organisations is not to support them. We need to communicate with each other, not through formal NGOs.

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