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28 October: State Election Forum: Vic MPs to take planning questions from the public

It is important to hear policies from key MPs before the election. Thanks to Prof Michael Buxton, we have a large lecture hall in Swanston Street, on the west side, called RMIT Building 80, and we have room 7 on the ground floor. Take note - it is 3 weeks today - lets fill the hall. (Mary Drost, Planning Backlash).

State Election Forum

Several Ministers and Shadow Ministers have been invited to present their key policies. You can ask questions about what is important to you


RMIT Building 80

Room 7

445 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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Maths is in the air. Eight million permanent migrants will arrive here in the UN Paris Emission years 2005-2030. Using one kilowatt each (personal consumption plus Telstra, traffic lights & streets, hospitals, schools, public transport, water & sewerage pumping) these proud new citizens will need five new 1600MW Hazlewood power stations running flat-out 24/7.

Demography Professor Peter McDonald (Future generations would pay for heavy cuts to immigration, researcher warns. CT Online 9/10) ignores yet another benefit of mass migration: each immigrant brings bits of power stations in their luggage. Bits of solar cells, bits of windmills. Bits of Ikea kit-form coal and hydro stations. Bits of batteries. Bits of transformers. Bits of poles & wires.

Once here, multi-cultural magic assembles all these electrical kits, and Voila! 8,000MW of new dispatchable electricity. At NO COST to the public purse. At NO COST to existing electricity consumers. At NO COST to greenhouse save aircraft emissions.

The permanent intake must be doubled. The temporary intake must be tripled. The illegal and refugee intake must be quadrupled.

David Hughes
(Copy of letter sent to Canberra Times)
Disclosure: I own AGL, Origin, APA gas, Genex, HepburnWind, OSH, NHC, WPL, etc, shares in my Super a/c.