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How to take your daily Sami and Jacinta medicine - Article by Sally Pepper

The ABC has prescribed a daily dose of banal banter, pedestrian topics and a tedious focus on the personality and life of one of the co-hosts in Melbourne's breakfast radio program on Radio Melbourne otherwise known as "774". I speak of the Sami and Jacinta morning breakfast radio show which replaced the much loved, mellow, whimsical, companionable Red Symons who hosted the show for 15 years until a sudden unexplained axing late last year.

Apparently the Red Symons show was not good for us as we liked it too much and, furthermore, we who liked it are too old to matter. The program was suddenly snatched from the ears of Melbourne's early risers and replaced with something that jars and bores.

According to a recent article in The Age (October 6, 2018), the people who have chosen not to tune in any more, but to turn over and get some more sleep are actually racist, because Sami hails from Pakistan. Furthermore, they are sexist, because Jacinta, along with about 50% of the population, is female.

The author of the above-mentioned article, entitled, "Melbourne should be ashamed it took so long to accept Jacinta and Sami," pointed out that Melbourne audiences are just not giving the duo a chance! I was really worried when I read all this because my inclination also is to turn the radio off as soon as I realise I have entered Sami and Jacinta territory. My digital radio cannot pick up the other ABC.

But this morning I really tried to take my medicine. I couldn't swallow it whole, so I decided to turn the volume right down and listen from about 5 minutes before the hour, in the run-up to the news. I found I could tolerate it at very low volume in this micro-dose, then get my "news" fix. Tomorrow I might try turning it on at 10 minutes before the hour, but keep it at the same volume. On subsequent mornings I would gradually increase the volume and the exposure as much as I can tolerate, until I love and adore Sami and Jacinta. I will be able to say that I take my medicine every morning and that, hallelujah, I am not a racist nor am I sexist!! Yippee. Try it folks and you too will be saved from the ignominy and shame of being a sexist racist. You will be able to hold your head high and say, "I did it! I made the transition," and "I have no further Red Symons withdrawal symptoms. I am healed."


I tuned in to this program this morning and was heartened to hear that the presenters were dealing with the serious issue of people's attitudes towards horse racing and the Melbourne Cup in the wake of the death of one of he horses yesterday. It was great that they obviously thought it was serious issue and I am impressed with their sensitivity. The quality and thoughtfulness of the calls to the station since they started hosting the show was much better than I have heard previously.