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Assange trial: German parliamentarian observer shocked by judge & officer conduct

Sevim Dagdelen, member of German Bundestag, has been an authorised observer for all or most of Assange's trial. Her account is detailed and informative. Among other observations: US prosecution members are worried that this will be a mistrial due to the procedural unfairness and court bias against Julian Assange, who cannot properly hear what is going on, has no access to his papers, and little access to his lawyers - even in the court. No British parliamentarians are present, yet this is the most internationally important case so far of the 21st century and it has brought British justice into controversy and opprobrium. WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Kristinn Hrafnsson was temporarily banned from viewing the proceedings, and Assange's family left the court and refused to return if he was not let back in.

In the second part of this episode, Buglife CEO Matt Shardlow speaks about the growing threat of the extinction of insects worldwide. He discusses lobbying efforts by insecticide companies and how they will affect post-Brexit Britain, the continued prevalence of harmful insecticides in the EU and around the world, the crisis of the extinction of bees and many other insects, without which birds and other species will starve.