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End Hale Street Bridge congestion nightmare

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Premier Anna Bligh must not allow Brisbane City Council to have tolling powers over the Hale Street Bridge. The impact statement for the Bridge shows that it will create massive increases in traffic in her electorate compared with a "no bridge". For example traffic on Cordelia will increase by more than 110% with the bridge, compared with only 50% with no bridge. Refer to the attached file for more information. Community Action for Sustainable Transport (CAST) are proposing an alternative that will actually reduce traffic on the south side. Key initiatives proposed include increased train frequencies on the Beenleigh and Cleveland lines, major bikeway and bike lane expansions and transit priority for buses travelling in from the outer-south. CAST have written to the Premier urging her to oppose the bridge and you can do so too by writing her at South.Brisbane [AT] .

See also:, Managing car use in cities, Courier Mail story $55 million overpass to link with Riverside Expressway of 15 July 2008 together with readers' comments (132 in all).


Thanks for this Tristan. Here's a post (comment 60 of 132 of 15 Jul 08) I made to the Courier Mail discussion you referred to:

As I wrote in an unpublished letter on 23 May:

"Could the Courier Mail's editorial writers please remind us why they supported these white elephants (the Hale Street Bridge, the NSBT, etc.) when every informed person was predicting that the cost of petroleum was going to go through the roof as it now has?"

If the Courier Mail had done the job it is supposed to do and subjected these stupid projects to normally acceptable standards journalistic scrutiny and had given the case against these projects the coverage they deserved, Brisbane would not be in the mess it is in today.

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