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Greens endorse strike against electricity retail sell-off

Iemma's arrogance drives power retail workers to strike action

NSW Greens Media release: 29 August 2008

The United Services Union has called its members working in call centres of Energy Australia, Integral Energy and Country Energy off the job in protest against Premier Morris Iemma's 'plan B sell-off' announced late yesterday.

Greens NSW MP Dr Kaye said: "The Premier has treated electricity retail workers with complete contempt.

"Morris Iemma's sulking refusal to accept the will of the parliament has brought him into open warfare with the unions, his own party, and the people of NSW.

"Retail workers know their jobs are on the line. Private owners will ship call centre operations overseas as a cost-cutting exercise.

"The strike action also highlights the importance of maintaining public ownership of electricity retailers for the state's economy, household finances and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Privatisation will undermine important opportunities for demand management that can control increases in electricity bills and reduce NSW's carbon footprint.

"NSW deserves a Treasurer and a Premier who put the needs of the community and the environment ahead of the greed of big business.

"The Greens support the electricity retail workers' strike action.

"It is in the state's interests to stop the sell-off," Dr Kaye said.

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455

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