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Halt Brumby, damn the sprawl!

It has been assumed that the natural environment could bear any impact of human activities!

However, according the State of the Environment report, it is very likely that many species won’t be able to adapt. Biodiversity richness, inherited as part of the natural wealth of this country, is being sacrificed on the altar of short-term economic benefits. As a result of mismanagement and ignorance, people and animals will be at risk from extreme weather such as heat waves, drought, fire, floods and storms. We haven't even faced the full impact of climate change yet!

Current measures of growth such as GDP and population ignore environmental degradation and the social wellbeing of inhabitants. Bulging growth boundaries may be good for land developers and corporations but are detrimental for most people who are not only threatened by the collapse of our ecosystem and climate change, but by traffic congestion, increasing pollution, higher costs and charges, water restrictions, housing stress and poor public transport and infrastructures.

Business as usual isn’t going to work! Brumby's government should step down and a caretaker administrator take over until State elections.

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