Queensland Greens candidate calls for population stability

The following was printed in the Wynnum Herald of 29 August 2007. Ther Herald used the title "Growth not Ncessary" whilst the writer submitted title was Quality not quantity" Congratulations on your lead story last week linking population growth with shortage of key resources such as water. How does an increasing population add to quality of life in terms of water shortage, traffic congestion, housing affordability, crowds and pollution? Responsible Governments at all levels need population policies to ensure growth can be accommodated sustainably. The idea that population growth is necessary for economic growth is a fallacy as research has shown that areas with population caps enjoy the highest standard of living and quality of life. Lets wake up and recognize that population growth is not something inevitable that we should celebrate. Rather, it is a root cause of many of our problems. Dr David Wyatt Greens candidate for Bonner