Unanswered questions about 9/11

Most opponents of George Bush's policies have assumed that the 9/11 attacks were probably the result of incompetence which conveniently served the goals of the Bush administration. Those who have held the view that the Bush administration itself may have had a hand in the attacks, have, up till recently been dismissed as crank conspiracy theorists. However, a , reputable commentators are disputing the official Bush Administration's conspiracy theory.


I think any rational thinking human being realizes at first glance what a complete joke that cover up was and also the official 911 commission report. I mean c'mon, the government spent WAY more money just investigating Clinton getting his 'schlong sucked. And only a few mil for the 911 commission, sheesh? The Commission was a created facade engineered to fail from the get go obviously. The problem with completely unraveling the mystery is that the US Government makes solid practice and is skilled at "Compartmentalizing" projects. This means that they break any project into so many different parts handled by different teams that even the people involved with the parts do not know the whole answer or finished project and only the few upper rankers or "lifers" know the entire story. Combine that with a little bit of murder mayhem and that's a clean cover up! They, like the Vatican, will completely obliterate any obstacle or obstacles in their path to domination. Morals, truth, the American way and justice don't count. The US has been successfully Corporatized. I mean the Federal Reserve is a private company that hordes the gold and prints of paper for the citizens! And why is civics knowledge so hard to find in this country?? It's like most people do not even know the 3 branches of government of their checks and balances; it makes me literally sick. One would guess that even our entire educations systems are in some way engineered for partial failure. Like the Vatican, they do not like free thinkers that think for themselves; those people are a threat to the power establishment. So a mass of brainwashed, not so smart people is much easier control and they don't make a fuss. They just go to work, retire and die just exactly as planned by our power establishment. Compartmentalization of projects or actions allows for plausible deniability at every step. Our US government instead of gaining integrity and skills in serving the country with truth and integrity has become very skilled in deceit, treason and mass murder. Who knows what the real reason for 911 was or if it was a combination of reasons.... Was it the immediate "War of Terrorism" and executive powers? Ha! What a joke. If I remember correctly something like 7000 US troops total were sent to Afghanistan. There are more cops on the street right now in Manhattan. But in 1 year they sent over 1/2 million troops to Iraq for the resources alone and the natural gas line to the Caspian sea. C'mon, I mean they didn't even try to hide it that much at all. I can't believe they give the populace that little credit. Plus the "War on Terrorism" allow them to point their fingers at anyone like a pack of drunk cowboys; Get 'Em! I guess as a whole, humanity is clueless, but individuals are very smart and critical. War Powers, hmmm. Was it NASARA (What a dream!)?? The foreign commodities??? The rumored over 500 billion (or something like that; impossible to know) in gold bullion that was possibly stored there at went missing and only 1 abandoned truck full of gold was found 1 block from ground zero (they didn't get the last truck out in time; hey if you are going to kill a few thousand completely innocent Americans for billions of dollars you gotta break a few eggs!!). And, my God, what about the sorry, sorry, completely retarded excuse as to why trade center building number 7 feel about 3 blocks away??? It did happen to have all the data from the insider trading scandals and many other scandals (SEC) up to the top of our economy as well as the home offices of such organizations as 2 private banks, Securities and Exchange Commission, the IRS Regional Council and the United States Secret Service. Well I'll give you 1 guess as to the one of the organizations completely involved with the 911 scandal at every level; the evidence was wasted. There is a plethora of evidence (way too much to list even in 2 books) and testimonials that we do not even need the absolute "true" story at this point. I think we know enough to realistically point some fingers and find most of the culprits. It if were France the citizens would have stormed parliament and strung those bastards up!!!! I respect France for that; if there is a huge problem, they are not afraid at all of collecting a huge riot in the streets for street justice! In the US (only country like this) the citizens truly fear the government not the other way around which is why they(the government or certain factions thereof) think they can just do any god damn think they want to and the citizens are always completely petrified to even speak out for fear of complete ridicule and immediate loss of their reputation (if they had one) or a IRS audit; you name it. See I think since '63 and the Kennedy assassination they really do believe they can get away with anything. Boy NASARA would have been a GODSEND if it could have just been announced before Gore getting elected and Bush inaugurated (Republicans had Diebold in their pocket and the machines are completely audit-less; SHAME!!!)! Every step and turn of our power structure is protected by plausible deniability. Even most of the fools making the "Black Ops" black metal ships don't even know what they are making or doing!!! One more important factor about the alleged "War on Terrorism". This keeps the nations eyes busy and allows the government to act out their true hidden agendas and throw tons of money at secret projects without too much notice from the public. IE. Like the over 2000 DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases; 1/2 of them are prisons) that have been around for awhile now. Meanwhile the poorest 1/5 of Americans have seen under 1% gross change in their earnings from 1988 to 1998. And the richest 1/5 have seen their salaries go over 15% from 1988 - 1998 (true facts and due to Shaw's theory) I think this is one of the underlying reasons regarding what this is all about; socially engineered societies are nothing new and we are not the first by any means! Bush was nervous when he took office I would imagine. He had the NASARA act hanging over his head ready to explode at any time and scandal after scandal pushing their way out of the his large skeleton closet (Bohemian Grove was infiltrated by Alex Jones in 2000 right before the election but GWB successfully reigned the media in on that one. The media is their puppet house!) But 911 changed all that in one quick swift act of treason and mass murder against the very innocent people that enable them to control over 1/2 of the nations GPD) Another problem is Shaw's theory. The very same people that have the power to change policy benefit from the current policies big time; so why would they change and bite their own asses as they further separate the classes and get away with treason, mass murder, racketeering and effective 20th century and 21st century slavery all with big smiles on their faces as they all become mass billionaires. Or maybe NASA and the government are fully aware of a possible approaching brown dwarf star (Huge gravitational anomaly in our system right now. Suns magnetic poles reversed in 2006 I think it was. And the supposed "Super Flare" of 2006 was just a 2000 mile pole shift which completely misaligned the global GPS systems. 5 months after the actual event they came out with their attempted "cooked" cover story of the largest super flare ever; that situation is under the HIGHEST top secret and national security which is obvious because they have went to ULTIMATE lengths to distract, misinform the general public; I understand completely on this one however. I think that if NASA really released the true info that they have regarding where the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 satellites are and what they have been following and triangulating for years, everyone would crap a huge brick and world wide societies would crumble overnight therefore resulting in Martial Law that much sooner. If this one is true, unfortunately, then they must contain control of society for as LONG as possible just to ensure their possible continuity (Not saying it's real, but there is an overwhelming amount of evidence and the usual few "mistakes" the government usually makes in cover ups. And one must ask why there have been several (over 20 and possibly many more REAL Military raids) SWAT style raids on little towns USA live whilst the public is about and scared shitless or arrested, cuffed and thrown on their faces. They say if is for terrorism practice and Homeland Security, but local law enforcement agencies have more than enough resources to handle a situation like the Oklahoma city bombing or others. So what are they practicing for. They are warming up the military and recently created paramilitary organization to the thoughts and practices of being deployed in Urban town, USA. Psychologically preparing them as well for raids on American cities and citizens). I suppose if there is valid "top secret top national security" evidence that society as we know it could be severely hampered or ended by the brown dwarfs passage, then a quick rampant run for full exploitation of every darn thing they can realistically get their hands on makes more sense. Then stashing all the US's commodities (food, crude oil) whilst they waste money at supreme lengths to import all the food and crude oil they can from abroad makes much more sense. Meanwhile they control 50% of the GPD and use most of those resources for their own personal projects and usage. Meanwhile, most of the entire US populations controls less than 30% of total resources. Sounds like another group we know; starts with a V!) These guys really aren't that smart (generally enlightened and intelligent people do not indulge in treason or mass murder ( Hitler withstanding ) for money of all things). They miss data and information ALL the time in their cover ups. LOL. They cannot really think that they are getting away with all this crap in the clean. Well, they are getting away with it so far I guess technically, but in no way clean and concise, but pretty much everyone whom thinks for themselves knows more truths and most people I know are very pissed off about it). Pray for NASARA, what a dream!!!! This government should have been taken down and replaced in '63 right after Kennedy assassination (Also plausible deniability at every step. even the shooters didn't know each other and all ended up dead. LOL). Why do you think my user name is X-Pat? I was born in the US and raised there for 35 years. I am getting out ASAP personally. There are enough way better countries (none perfect, but others with at least some morals, checks and balances that work and a little bit of truth relayed to the citizens; just a little would be nice) that I cannot count them on both hands. Also, the US has been unconstitutionally taxing its' populace since a 2 year program of direct taxation was created in '52 for WWII. After they got their hands on that revenue stream; BAM! Out comes the IRC which is a 3.5 million word jargon and puzzle that no one can understand, not even experienced editors and political authors!. Only the computer age has let use successfully cross reference the entire IRC to find it completely compliant with the Constitution and contains no ratifications of amendments or changes to common taxation definitions at all. So the IRC is just yet another confusing facade created so impossible to understand that poor Americans just listen to what their tax preparer or the IRS says (Yet another private company with the right to police our citizens and incarcerate them for multiple life sentences!) We should incarcerate our own DEA then for them distributing more cocaine in this country than any small private entrepreneur could possibly do. Clandestine activities related to Iran-Contra and Cuban missile crisis; they too must propagate their own way of life and success. It wouldn’t work too good for them if they put themselves out of a job. So they have ended up being some of the largest contraband smugglers and drug runners in all of history very probably. Only paralleled by the United States gun running numbers and armament of countries obviously not morally ready or responsible enough for the power; just for more money yet again. It is a big ugly mess and a house of cards that needs cleaning and unfortunately it has been going on so long now and the power structures are dug in so deep that there is probably only a couple options for full reform. Currently, the American dream that everyone dreams of is nothing but debt, slavery and servitude of the nations elites.