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This was to http://johnquiggin.com on 20 March 2008:

I’ve just finished reading Naomi Klein’s ‘Shock Doctrine’, which Dagget has been ceaselessly recommending on this blog lately. Now I remember being somewhat underwhelmed by the heavily-hyped ‘No Logo’ circa 2000, but this new book is of a totally different calibre. Get it and read it, it will knock you flat.

, a prolific to this site wrote on 31 Oct 2007:

Naomi Klein’s book is fantastic. Drop everything else. Read it.

This was to an Online Opinion Forum discussion Winning the war in Iraq on 17 Aug 2008:

I for one have read Klein's book and her views on the concept of "Disaster Capitalism" seem to prove themselves over again and again.

I think most people dismiss alternative views - no matter how profound, informed and convincing they may be - that challenge their own prejudices. A few selective mouse clicks and newspaper headlines is all some people need to consider themselves fully informed.

Anything - particulaly hard indisputable facts - that don't follow "the script" are summarily dismissed or ignored as though they simply doesn't exist.

Online Discussions concerning Naomi Klein and The Shock Doctrine

started by Online Opinion Editor Graham Young on 17 Aug 2008.

in response to of 4 Aug 2008 by Chris Doran.

by 11 Feb 2008. Various themes from The Shock Doctrine including the were raised in the forum which was initially about the Vietnam War.

-201045">Worse than you can possibly imagine about the Iraq War on .

-199527">Monday Message Board on web site of social democrat John Quiggin, to which a number of Friedmanite neo-liberal ideologues contribute. As in nearly all forums in which I have participated and in which I have presented Naomi Klein's evidence of the moral depravity of the practitioners of the ideology they espouse, I was greeted with silence on their part. This, until fairly recently, has been Naomi Klein's own experience as she describes in her article .


Yes, borrowed Shock Doctrine from library, then bought it. Excellent insights into Disaster Capitalism. Today I heard that Queensland Treasurer is . Disaster Capitalism in action. Dud the public. Unfortunately, I have no confidence in Mainstream Media in preventing this slide into corporate feudalism. MSM, Public Relations for the corporate world might air some comments by Opposition, but will quickly gloss over the situation and make it sound unavoidable and even a good long term idea, which it is not. MSM, didn't vote them in, can't vote them out.