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Julia Gillard

Politically addicted to immigration - ALP rejects push for migration rate cut

"Can someone get Gillard to specify where the skills shortage is now that the resources industry and construction industry are beginning to majorly shed jobs?"

Update: Immigration Minister Chris Evans 'expects' skilled immigration numbers to drop 'next year' due to the global economic crisis. See "Australia to cut skilled immigration" in the Age of 23 Feb 09

Gillard threatens TAFE system privatisation

NSW Greens Legislative Councillor Dr John Kaye, who helped lead the successful campaign against the planned privatisation of that state's electricty assets earlier this year, calls upon NSW Premier Rees to resist the plans by Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard, recently endorsed by COAG, to privatise its TAFE colleges.

See also: "Govts planning TAFE privatisation: NSW Greens" on the ABC on 29 Oct 08, "TAFE Bulletin - Brumby's reforms will privatise our TAFEs" on Web site of Vic branch of Australian Education Union on 12 Aug 08, Australian Education Union Stop TAFE Privatisation Campaign.


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