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Final Energy Crisis

Articles related to the book "The Final Energy Crisis"

Our Energy Future in 900 words

How can we ever meet the needs of a rising number of people with growing energy demands, when fossil fuels are running out and population growth is undermining efforts to substitute green energy supplies for fossil fuels? Governments are planning massive expansion of nuclear power but it is no answer. Energy is a hugely complex issue. Brian McGavin tries to simplify the picture.

"Fusion Illusions" - the ITER Project and tritium supply

So, you were impressed by the ITER Fusion project because it attracted 10 billion Euros?
Read any serious criticism lately ... or ever?
Michael Dittmar, particle physicist with the Swiss CERN institute, goes into fascinating detail in The Final Energy Crisis. Read this quote from his "Fusion Illusions":

The Final Garnaut Report; A Radical Critique of its Energy Assumptions

The Garnaut Report has failed to discuss the energy assumptions underlying its conclusions. Tim Flannery argues that the core assumption that alternative energy technologies can be scaled up by the huge magnitudes required to replace fossil fuels is invalid. This failure should invalidate the Garnaut Report.

Good news: Business Council of Australia says members may leave Australia

The Business Council of Australia represents the corporate lobby groups that have overtaken the process of democracy in Australia and which have raised the cost of land, water, food and housing. If they go off-shore Australians will be better off.

The Rubber band snaps at 140 USD-per-barrel?

The OECD’s IEA is able to admit that future oil supplies will not meet likely or probable demand, but the US EIA and other diehards have not yet made that cultural revolution.

Dual fuels and the new Kuwait

The Next Oil War is likely or increasingly possible because the old, mature, or ‘post-industrial’ urban consumer societies, and the burgeoning new and emergent industrial economies of the planet are totally dependent on oil gas and coal.

Why I am against nuclear power

Nuclear power is expensive and diverts copious funds and time away from important investments in energy conservation and renewable energy.

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