Save Mount Cotton

Protestors presave our koalas save our wildlife stop the mt cotton super quarry

Protesters outside Redland Shire Council unfurled 33 metere of signe petitions opposed to the proposed Superquarry which would destroy the local rainforest character of the Mount Cotton community on Wednesday 31 October.

Protest Sunday 12 August to save Mount Cotton

S.O.S. - People Power Action Group

A demonstration will be held 9am 12th August and will meet outside Bayside Bulletin Office, Queen St, to then march and distribute leaflets through the market to give a firm message to the pro-development councilors that the residents have had enough of the destruction of Redlands & Mt Cotton.

Please reply to people_power |AT| if you can attend this very important rally so we can gauge numbers and get media coverage.

Show your posters with your message for these councilors.

Poster Examples:

Listen to the people No to BioMass
We will show our discontent with our vote No to Bone Processing Plant
No to Superquarry No More Development
Redlands is dying from over development Save The Redlands
Enough is enough
No more development
Don’t continue with this continuous destruction No more traffic

Our message to the council:

We are watching
“No more development”

You can also meet at morning demos.
9am Wednesday 1st & 8th August outside council office Bloomfield Street.

Help us put final nail in coffin of Mount Cotton Superquarry Wed 9am Cleveland

According to the Bayside Bulletin Newspaper (see below), the vote of two councillors who had formerly favoured approving the expansion of the existing Mount Cotton Quarry into a rainforest-destroying superquarry, may change in response to concerted community oppostion. Nevertheless it is still important that the pressure be maintained.

Protest outside Redland Shire Council chambers against plans to destroy Rainforest and Mount Cotton community with a giant quarry.

Where: Redland Shire Council Chambers, Bloomfield St., Cleveland
When:  9.00AM Wed 8 Aug 2007

Also please attend the on Sunday 12 August.

For further information see or visit