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Save the Bali Nine

A selective capacity for human compassion?

Listeners to ABC Brisbane local radio's Morning Show presenter Madonna King will often be moved almost to tears by her frequent impassioned exhortations against injustices inflicted upon ordinary people as a result of crime, political expediency or bureaucratic indifference. Yet, somehow this capacity for compassion does not extend to demanding humane treatment, let alone justice for a clearly innocent Australian woman, now rotting away in Bali's Kerobokan prison, diagnosed as clinically insane and at risk of losing her life.

See also: "What The Hell Is Schapelle Corby Still Doing In Jail?" of 29 Jan 10 on, "Schapelle Corby is innocent, and the Australian Government knows she is" of 6 Sep 09, "Schapelle Corby 'insane'" in the SMH of 24 Aug 09, "Schapelle Corby not the only Aussie languishing in foreign jail" by Madonna King in the Courier-Mail of 28 Aug 09, "Your support for clemency bid needed to save Schapelle's life" of 12 Feb 10,,

Save the lives of Scott Rush and the Bali Nine!

Please make your voice heard in order to save Scoot Rush and the Bali Nine from Death Row in Indonesia.

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