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Save the Murray River lakes

Murray-Darling water - It’s time to use the P-word

Whilst John Corboy, co-convenor of the misnamed Foodbowl Unlimited held out hopes 12 months ago that Australia may stand to gain from the impending collapse of China's and India's irrigated agricultural sectors, our fate may be little different should we fail to stand up to the corporate interests who gain from the over-extraction of water from the Murray-Darling system.

See also Fair Water Use media releases. For information on a related topic, see articles about the threatened privatisation of NSW's electricity assets.

Coorong tragedy was avoidable: Greens Senator Siewert

W.A. Greens Senator Siewert: "The Coorong and these other critically threatened wetlands could have been Montreaux listed, and the Commonwealth's powers under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act evoked to ensure environmental water was delivered,"

Oz Turtles pay horrible price of mindless market-focus: S.A. Murray-Darling

Oz Turtles' crushed under weight of bristle-worm parasite are quickly cured by fresh water bath, but hundreds die in absence of life-giving flow, for water-guzzling agribusiness - uglier than bristle-worm

Why did Karlene Maywald conceal surrender in fight to save Coorong from Goolwa meeting?

On 4 August 2008, 300 residents of Goolwa in South Australia attended a meeting to speak to state Water Security Minister Karlene Maywald about the fate of the lower Murray River lakes which are dying from a lack of water caused by previous over-allocation of water from the Murray-Darling system. Yet Maywald concealed from that meeting knowledge that the State Government had given up on the fight to save the lakes. Why?

See also: Minister Karlene Maywald 'too busy' for Save the Murray rally of 1 Aug 08, Why Karlene Maywald must lose water portfolio of 10 Aug 08

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