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live animal exports

Two MPs speak out on live export outrage: Kelvin Thomson, Jill Hall.

On October 23, 2014, Jill Hall, MP, Federal Member for Shortland, and Kelvin Thomson MP, Federal Member for Wills, voiced their outrage at the sickening cruelty to Australian animals in Gaza, Jordan and Kuwait could have been avoided if the Agriculture Department had acted on the massive catalogue of evidence they've been presented with over the past year.

Christmas revelations

It’s that carol time of year, they’re playing in my head

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The truth about live export

"Australian Governments (Federal, Territory and State), journalists and cattlemen's associations are attempting to cloud facts about Australia's live export trade, known for at least 18 years: Indonesian halal is intended to inflict pain, employing a slow sawing motion to cut throats, rather than the less-than-a-second two-motion movement used by Australian professionals. Moreover, halal knives are invariably blunt. Even if animal rights were legislated in Indonesia, the Indonesian Government is simply too corrupt to maintain regulatory controls." (Tony Ryan)

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Very significant gains made against live sheep-trade cruelty in Middle East

Good news for a change! An Australian animal activist has gained whole-hearted support from Princess Alia of Jordan to reform practices there which we initiate here.ABC video report.

Live exports - a litany of disasters

The continuing loss of tens of thousands of animals every year in horrific circumstances confirm one of the conclusions reached in two major inquiries into the trade - that the trade by its very nature had animal welfare implications. The incidents listed in this article demonstrate that the trade can never be made humane.

This article also published on WebDiary with the permission of Animals Australia.
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Why Australia's trade in live animal exports is world's WORST practice

The live export industry claims to have the highest standards in the world. Let's see how that stacks up.

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Live exports - a litany of disasters of 1 Sep 08 by Jenny Hume on WebDiary

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