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Videos & Report on Melbourne Free Assange British Consulate protest today 19 June 2018

The Free Julian Assange protest outside the British Consulate at 90 Collins Street Melbourne started on time and was well attended. Julian Assange's father was there and thanked people for coming. We have to give credit to the organisers - the Socialist Equity Party (SEP). It seems that no-one else in Melbourne has been able to draw people together to protest about Julian Assange's persecution, although it is obvious that many people do care. A problem may be that people believe they need permission to hold meetings and rallies, but this is rarely the case. There were several speakers and we did not film all of them. The films uploaded here were filmed on a hand-held digital camcorder, more for the record than for art. We also filmed the surroundings and participants to give viewers an idea of the scene in Australia. Another protest was to be held tonight (19 June 2018) at the State Library, where the film, Collateral Murder, would be shown. We have embedded a copy of this chilling record of a night of murder for fun by US armed forces in Iraq, which is a document that Julian Assange published, and for which he has been pursued with murderous resentment by the United States ever since.

The Collateral Murder video (April 2010) (embedded below) was shown at a Free Assange Vigil from 6-8pm at Melbourne State Library on 19 June 2018.

The video below records James Cogan, National Secretary of the Social Equality Party's speech about Assange's predicament and the record so far of Australian prime ministers, among other things.

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Sorry that, in my haste yesterday, I failed to get James Cogan, Secretary of the Social Equity Party's name right. I have fixed this.

The following is from Support global rallies today to demand freedom for Julian Assange (19/6/16) by Mike Head | World Socialist Web Site:

Vigils and demonstrations are being held in many cities around the world today in defence of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange, who remains effectively jailed inside Ecuador’s London embassy, and in grave danger of being handed over to British and US authorities.

As the result of a deepening international campaign for Assange’s freedom, rallies are being held in London, outside the Ecuadorian embassy, and globally, from New Zealand and Australia, to Sri Lanka and India, across Europe and in many US cities, including Washington DC.

This follows a rally in Sydney on Sunday, organised by the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) (Australia), to demand that the Australian government intervene to protect Assange, an Australian citizen, and guarantee his right to return home and his freedom from being extradited to the US.


From Assange Will be Handed Over to UK 'In Coming Days, According to my Sources' - Head of RT, Margarita Simonyan (21/7/18) by Michael Quinn | Russia Insider:

Let's hope her "sources" are wrong.

This is ominous because Simonyan has incredibly good sources, i.e. high level people in Russia with access to good quality intel.

She is also close to Assange.

Her tweet reads:

"My sources say that Assange will be handed over to UK authorities in the coming weeks or even days. I hope with all my heart that my sources are mistaken."

Comment: It is long past time that the Australian government should have exercised its duty of care towards Australian citizen Julian Assange who has been found twice by the United Nations to have been arbitrarily detained for no valid reason. This whole crisis could be ended in a matter of hours were the Auustralian government to dispatch urgently to London a contingent of Federal Police to London to escort Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorian Embassy and back home.