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Kelvin Thomson joins Sustainable Australia Party, advisor to Clifford Hayes MP

The Hon. Kelvin Thomson, former Federal Member for Wills, is joining the Sustainable Australia Party. Mr Thomson served as an Australian Labor Party Councillor for the City of Coburg from 1981 to 1988, Member of the Victorian Parliament for Pascoe Vale from 1988 to 1996, and Federal Labor Member for Wills for over 20 years from 1996 until the 2016 Election. Mr Thomson will be advising Sustainable Australia’s first elected Member of Parliament, Mr. Clifford Hayes, who was elected as a Legislative Councillor for the Southern Metropolitan Region at the recent Victorian election.

Mr Hayes said, “Kelvin Thomson’s knowledge of all three levels of government, his campaign experience - he stood for public office 12 times in his career and was successful on each occasion - and his policy development expertise, having been a Shadow Minister for the Environment amongst other Shadow Ministries, Parliamentary Secretary and member of many Parliamentary Committees during his parliamentary service, will make him an invaluable asset to me, my office and to the Sustainable Australia Party.

Mr Thomson said, "I first joined the Labor Party in 1975. It was an honour and privilege to represent the Australian Labor Party in two Parliaments and three levels of government for a total of 35 years. To say the Labor Party has been my life is putting it mildly. So I have submitted my resignation from the Labor Party with a very heavy heart.

“For a decade now I have set out what I believe to be the myopia, greed, vanity and ecological illiteracy that drives Big Australia, Australia's policy of rapid population growth. I have arrived at a point where there are irreconcilable differences between the course I believe Australia and the world needs to chart, and the course that the Australian Labor Party is charting. I set out in my Valedictory Speech my great appreciation of the support I received as an MP from ordinary members of the Labor Party, and those sentiments remain true. I retain a hope that in time the Labor Party will embrace views about Australia's population that are more in keeping with the needs of this generation, the needs of those who will come after us, and the needs of the many other species we have the good fortune to share this ancient, beautiful and fragile country with.

"What this world needs now is not more people, but more courage."

Sustainable Australia Party Founder and President William Bourke said, "Kelvin Thomson played a key role in kick-starting the population debate in Australia 10 years ago, with a speech he gave in Parliament in August 2009, and with a media release he put out in September 2009, in response to Treasury figures showing that Australia's population would be 35 million by 2049, a massive jump from the previous projection of 28 million by 2049, made just a couple of years earlier. He described this as a recipe for environmental disaster and called for population reform."

"The Sustainable Australia Party, formed in the wake of that debate, is a party of the political centre, and Kelvin and other mainstream, like-minded Australians are very welcome here."

Kelvin Thomson's resignation letter - click here.


Amazing that the ANU home of growthist demographers like Peter McDonald, runs a poll that admits this. I suppose the Age is just publishing this so that they can then launch Liz Allen to overwhelm us all again with more pro-growth nonsense in the towering intellectual tradition of the advertising jingle.

Australians do not want any more migrants: ANU poll
Article by Shane Wright, The Age15 January 2019

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"Support among Australians for a growing population is crumbling amid fears of overcrowded cities and homes priced out of the reach of ordinary people, a new survey by the Australian National University has revealed.

As both the Morrison government and Shorten opposition consider their own approaches to population policy in the run-up to this year's election, the ANU poll found just three out of 10 Australians believe the nation needs more people."

But most have no clue of what to do about it, since the Lib/Lab/Greens dominate policy and they are all growthists. Vote for Sustainable Australia Party! They need company in parliament.

This is a disgraceful piece of growth porn - and from a quasi governmental body.

ABC claims higher immigration = more jobs?

Yesterday morning on RN Breakfast Fran Kelly repeatedly claimed, during an interview (can’t remember with whom) that a reduction in immigration would result in reduction of new jobs (this is in response to Morrison’s claim to be creating million or more new jobs).

This morning (Wed 30 January), ABC economic reporter Jane Norman made exactly the same claim in an interview on ABC News radio at about 6:25 am.

The claim is that higher immigration = more jobs.

I would have thought it is more complicated than this? For example there is the matter of absolute increase in total number employed (which may well occur if total population is increased) and relative changes in rate of unemployment? What about effects on wages? Basic laws of supply and demand for labour?

Last night at 7.30 Leigh Sales interviewing ScoMo talked about that too. I hate it when journalists make these sweeping claims without elaborating on them. Where exactly are these jobs created? Are they permanent full time jobs? Skilled or unskilled? Who are the migrants?