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Frankston Green Wedges wins against Cr Hampton's motion for development

At Frankston Council meeting on 29 January 2020, Cr Hampton sought by means of a Notice of Motion (NoM) to overturn council's decision of 14 Oct 2019 to adopt a revised Draft Green Wedge Management Plan. The NoM sought to investigate an excision of part of Frankston's Green Wedge for an expansion of the Carrum Downs Industrial Precinct. The NoM was voted down by Crs McCormack, Aitken, O'Connor, Toms and Mayor Mayer, (five of the nine). Cr Bolam abstained. [Ed. Note: A correction to this article on who voted it down was made on 30 January 2020.]

Frankston commentator Michele writes: "We could not have done this without wonderful Planning Backlash, WeCanDoBetter, Defenders of South East Green Wedge , Facebook posters, advisers and supporters, and speakers from Frankston Beach Association, South East Green Wedge, Frankston Environmental Friends Network and the community. Unknown numbers of people emailed councillors. Those opposing the NOM (Notice of Motion) with presentations had loud encouragement from the gallery."

Cr Hampton reportedly stated incorrectly that his NOM was increasing the minimum lot size in Rural Conservation Zone 1 and was not proposing a reduction in lot sizes elsewhere. He reportedly later apologised privately for getting it wrong, blaming Officer error.

The CEO assured councilors that tomorrow, without delay, the Management Plan would go to the Planning Minister for an amendment to the Planning Scheme to have the GWMP introduced as a reference document.

Michele concludes: "You are all so wonderful and inspiring in your fervor to protect our environmental values and not let vested interests always have the upper hand. The biggest thank you to all of you. Of course, the winner is the Green Wedge, its special values and features. Let's hope they endure and improve.

The late Barry Ross of S.E. Green Wedges must be smiling!"


Show your support by come along and bring two friends!
We will be presenting to the community information about the proposed quarry and what The Ross Trusts' Hillview Quarries is not telling you.

We are inviting politicians to make a statement and inviting media.

If you have any contacts that will help with this meeting please let them know.

The more people that turn up the more support we will have to show Daniel Andrews and Richard Wynne that this quarry is not needed and precious bushland should not be destroyed.

Please share this information with all your family and friends.




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Peninsula Preservation Group Inc acknowledges and pays respect to the Boon Wurrung/Bunurong people, the traditional custodians of these lands and waters.

A question people in Frankston would like answered:
Why wasn't the draft Frankston Green Wedge Management Plan adopted by Frankston Council on 14 October 2019 actioned without delay in accordance with the Local Government Act?
LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1989 - SECT 94A Functions of the Chief Executive Officer
Functions of the Chief Executive Officer
(1) A Chief Executive Officer is responsible for—

S. 94A(1)(a) amended by No. 53/2015 s. 9(1)(a).

(a) establishing and maintaining an appropriate organisational structure for the Council; and

(b) ensuring that the decisions of the Council are implemented without undue delay