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Overpopulation profiteers over-shadow Australians' democratic rights

You hear people like Rob Adams and Marcus Spiller saying there is nothing you can do about population growth in Victoria and Australia. Wrong. For a start the government should cancel the Live in Victoria website that invites people to come to Victoria and which explains how to get a visa. There is one in every state (Qld, NSW, the ACT, Tasmania[1], SA, WA, NT). They should all be pulled off the web.

Results of Melbourne population poll, added to this article on 16 April 2011.

Having been involved with trying to save Melbourne from overdevelopment for many years, numerous conservation and environment activists are convinced that no government can manage the speed and magnitude of growth.

It's bleeding obvious.

So tell them at The Age. Comment and vote via the link supplied to a poll in The Age today. And stop buying property. That only lines bankers' and developers' pockets and gives them more power over politicians. The Age is not Melbourne's 'better' newspaper, it's just a a huge international property developer and financier. So is the Australian, with That's the real news. Sadly it's a long time since there was much real news in those papers.

Then tell the Feds that we want to reduce Melbourne's population so stop importing so many immigrants. For years now Victorian Premiers have been demanding more immigrants of the federal government in order to please big business. Make our leaders care about democracy.

Nothing is inevitable unless you let it be so.

The Victorian Coalition has admitted that funds don't exist to finance the infrastructure needed to stuff all these new people in with a giant shoehorn - so why do we want even more people?

The answer is that we don't want them; the property developer and financier-run government does.

Tell those parasites to get the infrastructure fixed and then ask us again and listen to the answer.

Global capital exploits overpopulation so we must regulate global capital to get democracy.


We are going down the same route as Sydney. It was a beautiful city, but ruined by lack of infrastructure. The "shortage" of services is really euphemism for too many people and overpopulation. The costs of population growth outstrip the benefits.

A Ponzi scheme is a fraud built on pushing the plausible belief that money coming into the investment entity will forever be increasing. At core the new population growth push is the ultimate national pyramid scheme. We need to get to 36 -- or 50? -- million, to have the taxpaying workforce to support the now ageing baby-boomers? This would wreck our environment and living standard even further. What can more people do that can't be done now? The immigration Ponzi scheme highlights how bereft of intellect our political parties have become. We import more people to look after our aging population is a rationale that is illogical and misanthropic. Do they think these new people also won't grow old and require care? It's beyond absurd. We mindlessly expand until we explode. A real economy should be reliant on innovation, manufacturing and production, not property that relies on perpetual population growth. A plague of bacteria will eventually eat its host, and die. Similarly, we are eating away at our own future.

I think Milly Osborne has hit a nail on the head here. However, it is not only political parties and political leaders (and not just mainstream) that are bereft of intellect, but also most of our newsmedia, which is meant to held them to account.

I would like to know how these politicians and journalists could seriously maintain that adding more living quarters and people living in them could possibly add to the prosperity of the people who were already living here, let alone make Australia more sustainable in the longer term? In the short term, we are paying higher charges and services to fund the building of newer infrastructure to cater for the new arrivals.

It is a myth that having more infrastructure and more services to cope with a larger creates an economy of scale. In fact, it is the precise reverse. To provide the transport infrastructure for, say, two million inhabitants of a town, where previously there were only one million inhabitants, costs more per capita, because addition infrastructure per head of population is needed. The most obvious example is roads. As population expand, greater lengths of freeways and major arterial roads have to be built per head of population, in addition to the roads in which the dwellings of the higher population are to be housed. If it was not necessary for the larger population to move around much of the larger sized cities then the expanded population could cope with the same quantity of roads, per head of population. But it is necessary for people to travel, all the more so, because of abysmal urban planning, so the expanded population will not be able to manage as well unless more length of road per head of population is built.

And this is on top of the problem of there being a finite quantity of land and natural resourced to t be shared amongst more and more people.

Basic intuition, should tell most people that increasing population can only make people on average poorer and not more prosperous. The additional knowledge that politicians and journalists have should make that clearer to them. As most are not stupid, the fact that they purposely promote the lie that growing population adds to our prosperity can only be because they are in on the scam in which a few gain at the expense of society on average and at an even greater cost to the poorest in society.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu refuses to put up the "full" sign for Victoria. He wants to "invest in the future". However, "investment" means spending public money and that's what our Victorian government is short of.

He said he would never ''put up the stop sign'' to curb population growth, but warned Victorians will have to ''endure'' the problems of a growth rate that saw Melbourne increase by more than 1500 people a week last financial year.

Ivanhoe state Labor MP Anthony Carbines is calling on the Liberal Government to commit to the unfinished projects, saying their future could be in “serious jeopardy”. The funding for community schools, roads and libraries is being stalled, as well as the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Centre that needs funding to the tune of $44.7 million to finish stage 3 of construction.

Premier Baillieu condemned the previous Labor government that allowed Victoria to "fall behind,'' but the reason for this was rampant population growth that outstripped public spending. There are tremendous social, economic, sustainability and environmental implications of our misanthropic population boosting.

Present Planning Minister Mr Matthew Guy back last year condemned the Brumby government's ability to manage population growth.

“This astonishing incompetence by John Brumby and his part-time Planning Minister shows Labor has no idea how to cope with our current population boom and has failed to plan for such rapid growth,” he said.

“Labor’s failure means more skyrocketing land prices, a reduction in our competitive housing advantage and falling housing affordability for those wanting to get a start in the housing market."

However, with more than 1500 new people vying for housing in Melbourne every week, the competition means that values will continue to "improve" and afford ability will continue to decline.

It means they are running an Economy, not a Society of people who need schools, health care, education, libraries, roads, public transport and last but not least - affordable housing! The voters, the rate-payers and citizens are forced to endure rising costs, lack of housing, and priorities such as housing, roads, hospitals, and vital infrastructure.

We are victims of market forces, not citizens of a sovereign nation any more.

Are you ready for the property bubble to burst? it gets closer, more and more properties will be listed for sale, exposing the lie that we have a “housing shortage”. duck for cover as that bubble bursts.............

“Our housing market is one of, if not, the most expensive in the world and is already starting to cool. Just today, RPdata released statistics showing National capital city house prices fell 1.3 percent for the three months to February. Darwin is leading the falls, recording a drop of 9 percent in the three months, and 6.7 percent for the single month of February.

We have record level of property listings, suggesting everyone is flocking to the exits at once. Housing finance is contracting, along with personal, commercial and lease finance and building approvals are plunging, recording a 21.8 percent fall in February for total dwellings approved.”

Whilst I am not knowledgable enough to be able to from my own judgement as to whether housing prices have inflated excessively compared with demand, they certainly have inflated massively compared with most people's real incomes, so a crash in housing prices would be a great thing for most people. A possible exception could be those who have gone massively in to debt to buy their own home at prices which have been deliberately inflated by Australian Government policy in recent decades.

When I was growing up in the 1960's and 1970's a modest single income was all that was needed to buy a house. It was cheaper still to rent.

That has been deliberately changed by Australian Federal and State Governments so that at least two incomes of people working long hours are now needed for a loan of any home suitable to shelter a family, and even those homes are often remote from necessary amenities and work.

The circumstances, currently faced by people on ordinary or low incomes are completely contrary to the claims fed to us by Govenrment, economists and the mass media, since the 1970's that 'free market' reforms and high immigratin would bring prosperity to all.

The exact opposite has occurred for most.

If the housing bubble bursts, those, who are heavily indebted from buying their own home should be compensated at the expense of the bankers, speculators and land developers who have gained so much at the expense and at the expense of the environment and future generations.

Let's just do what we can to ensure that the Federal Government does not prevent the the threatened "Land Bubble burst" by ramping immigration up further..

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Federal Member Kelvin Thomson has claimed Moonee Valley Racing Club’s proposal to build four 20-storey apartment towers at its racecourse would be like “Melbourne turning into Mumbai’’.

Moonee Valley development will make kids worse off: MP

Mr Thomson said high housing demand wasn’t an excuse for high rise developments. Melbourne’s population growth is not inevitable but politically decided. Mr Thomson also made the claim that children who grow up in an apartment were worse off than those who have a backyard.

Just how are families to live in such high-rise conditions? Children should have room to move, to play and explore. Why should the new generation of kids be denied the advantages of back yards and room to move? The public consultation will inevitably be a sham, just like under the Madden/Brumby government. This is Australia, and we are importing the poor lifestyles of Hong Kong, Singapore and other overcrowded cities. For what? It's due to a government bereft of economic-building ideas, and population growth/property development is the easiest , but short-term, route to growth.

According to Doctors for the Environment spokesperson Dr George Crisp, said Australia's rapid population growth had placed considerable strain on existing health infrastructure, services, waiting lists and personnel, as well as negative impacts on the community - with citizens of bigger cities suffering from more pollution, longer commuting times, and more obesity from lack of exercise.

The Melbourne population is increasing everyday and more housing demand is also increasing. Australia's rapid population growth had placed considerable strain on existing health infrastructure, services, with citizens of bigger cities suffering from more pollution, longer commuting times etc.

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Melbourne town planning has become a concrete refugee camp.
As the Feds spew the hoards into Tulla, the locals are forced to make room for them.

These Refugees for the Good Life get a better deal than Melbourne's inner city homeless.
Whitlam's multicultural ghettos are infecting the city all over.

'Southern Dar es Salaam' or 'Southern Chongqing' may be better names for the old Melbourne locals once knew.

John Marlowe

Confidential Treasury figures showed a $13 billion fall in economic growth for this financial year.

The Treasurer will announce forecast growth of just 2.25 per cent, far lower than the 3.25 per cent forecast in the November budget.

Treasurer Wayne Swan revealed that the combined effects of floods, cyclones, a rising dollar and weaker economy, had wiped $4.5 billion off expected revenue.

With Labor committed to returning the budget to surplus in 2012/13, unemployment benefits could be ripe for spending cuts. Ms Gillard said government spending needed to be cut so public spending didn't crowd out private investment. Privatisation has been the downfall of this country. It hasn't worked in the US and it doesn't work here.

As if introducing a carbon tax in addition to the increasing cost of utilities, food and inflation wasn't enough, the government are now about to target some of the poorest in the population.

Population growth became a key election issue last year after Julia Gillard expressed concerns about a “big Australia” in the wake of Treasury’s projection that the nation’s population would reach 35 million by 2050.

The Property Council’s submission to Tony Burke's national population strategy points out the dangers of a low population growth policy, saying it would “dramatically increase burdens on taxpayers”.

However, less people would also mean less dis-economies of scale, and less need for all the upgrades and infrastructure spending.

“Immigration will help future-proof the country as our aging population sees us slip beyond this current demographic sweet spot.." Do they imagine that immigrants don't age? Keeping a population "young" would mean a massive and continual influx of new people that would blow out our budget and carrying capacity forever! The fact is that nothing will keep Australia's population young. The myth of an aging population threat is one perpetuated by those with vested business interests. It is population growth - and young people - that consumes public spending, not older people.

Editor's comment: I could spend a lot of time responding to all the points made in VivKay's incisive comment.

The newsmedia ideologues and Government insist that they have no choice but to reduce spending on useful services and infrastructure in order to get Australia's budget out of 'deficit', as if the deficits that will inevitably result from these cutbacks will be any less real than the financial deficits they are supposed to save us from.

Isn't it strange that during the years in which the Hawke, Keating and Howard Governments savagely reduced spending to keep our federal budget in surplus that none of the ideologues, who lavished praise on these governments, noticed the massive deficit in skills that was the result of these cutbacks?

Then a few years ago, the economists, who helped bring about this deficit, suddenly noticed and and began to demand higher 'skills' immigration to reduce this deficit of their own making. Of course, they neglect to mention that providing infrastructure for so many new immigrants is precisely the reason why the Federal and state governments are so much in financial deficit today.