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The popularity of the Victorain State Liberal Government of Premier Ted Baillieu has plummeted to close to that of the previous 'Labor' mis-rulers of Victoria.

Today's Age Newspaper : "The Coalition has only a narrow lead over Labor in the opinion polls and Ted Baillieu's personal approval rating has collapsed."

Then it asks: "What has gone wrong?"

What went wrong is:

Having endured years of misrule at the hands of the Brumby and Bracks Labor Governments, Victorians threw Labor out at the 2010 state elections and put in power the current tyranny of Premier Ted Baillieu.

The pattern is common in Australian politics. Past misreporting by newspapers like the Age implies that mis-rule by Labor somehow gives the succeeding Liberal/National Governments license to be as tyrannical as they please.

The same happened at the Federal level in 1996 after John Howard succeeded the reviled Paul Keating as Prime Minister. It occurred in 1988 in New South Wales when Liberal Nick Greiner succeeded Labor's Barrie Unsworth as Premier and is now also occurring in New South Wales and Queensland where equally reviled state Labor Governments have been replaced by Liberal/National coalition governments.

Logically we should be looking for an alternative to both the Labor and Liberal/National Parties, but that is the last conclusion that Age reporters Josh Gordon and Reid Sexton would want Victorians to draw.

The 2012–13 immigration program: record numbers, city-bound: by Bob Birrell and Genevieve Heard The Australian Government is running a record-high migration program, which it intends to increase in 2012–13. The justification is that the program is delivering migrants with scarce skills needed in the resources industries. However, none of the skilled permanent entry or temporary visa categories targets such migrants. Employers can sponsor migrants regardless of the industry, occupation or location of their workplace. The result is that just over half of the migrants currently being visaed are locating in Sydney and Melbourne, rather than in the resource industry states. Domestic Australian workers can expect increased competition for jobs from migrants at a time when there is little growth in employment in either Sydney or Melbourne. The increase in skilled migration, business-sponsored and employer-sponsored migrants plus the humanitarian program of a likely 14,000 means that these categories add to 204,000, which is the highest annual permanent entry level since World War Two. This record-high intake will occur at the same time as the Labor Government is permitting employers to sponsor an unlimited number of temporary entry 457 visa holders. New Zealanders have unlimited access to Australia. According to Statistics New Zealand, the net permanent and long-term movement from New Zealand to Australia has increased from 30,526 in the year to April 2010 to 53,462 in the year to April 2012. This justification would make sense if the extra migrants were employed in the mining industry, or in the related construction and other industries involved in the current phase of the minerals boom. However, just over half of the migrants currently being visaed are locating in Sydney and Melbourne, rather than in the resource industry states. There is irrefutable evidence that recently arrived migrants to the various states (other than in Queensland) gravitate to the respective capital cities. Most migrants to Australia originate in Asia and they like to settle where family, community and ethnic institutions are located—which is predominantly in Sydney and Melbourne. In the case of the 457 visa, there were 48,080 grants to primary applicants in 2010–11. Of these, 17,240 (36 per cent) were granted for employment in NSW and 11,510 (24 per cent) in Victoria (or 60 per cent across the two States). Any employer, regardless of the industry or location of the employer’s workplace, can sponsor under these programs. There is no labour market testing (to ensure no Australian workers are available) for either of these two visa categories. The conclusion is: The Government’s migration program is out-of-date. It is now part of the problem. The new circumstances require a smaller and better targeted intake, which delivers scarce skills to the industries and locations which really need them. The rest of the program should be culled until the current employment crisis is over.

The CATA (Consumer and Taxpayers Association) will be holding nationwide protests on the 1st of July, which incidentally falls on the day of the implementation of the carbon dioxide tax and the mineral resource rent tax. The Nationwide rally theme is “We want an election now”. They are tired of our government's treason, lies and dishonesty. For Parliamentarians to be legitimate representatives of the Australian people the national interest has to be put first which means turning our back on the disastrous neo-liberal globalist policies. Successive Labor and Liberal governments have signed a raft of unmandated United Nations treaties and conventions ceding sovereignty to a foreign dictatorial body. The UN Lima Declaration has brought destruction to Australia’s manufacturing industries, opened our borders to [unsustainably high immigration]* , transferred technology and wealth to the Third World. They want this treason reversed and our sovereignty back again. "Never before have we witnessed such an inept and impotent government drifting from one disaster to another. Bad decisions, poor policy and run away spending have created an environment of uncertainty and insecurity. We need to put our Politicians on notice that we will not tolerate their anti-Australian behaviour anymore. " They are demanding: * Rescind the Carbon Dioxide Tax and the Mineral Resource Rent Tax * Abolish government-funded multiculturalism * Stop [certain categories of] immigration * Rescind the disastrous FTAs (free trade agreements) * Abolish 457 visas (visas supported by Liberal and Labor parties) * Withdraw from the UN Protocol on Refugees, Lima Declaration, Kyoto Protocol and Agenda 21 SYDNEY RALLY DETAILS: Location: Hyde Park, Sydney Time: 12 noon to 3.00pm 1st of July, 12 noon, Sydney If you want to be involved please contact Nick Folkes on ph. 0417 679 972 or via -113185">http://www.protectionist.net/2012/06/27/we-want-an-election-now-rally/-113185 * Ed. A more politically sensitive term in square brackets was substituted for the original term which generalised about the origins of immigrants or specified certain ethnic groups.

The Netherlands, where six per cent of the population is now Muslim, is scrapping multiculturalism: The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands.

of 27 June 12 by Andrew Bolt (with 112 comments, so far - Ed)

A new integration bill, which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads:

"The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role. With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society."

The letter continues: "A more obligatory integration is justified because the government also demands that from its own citizens. It is necessary because otherwise the society gradually grows apart and eventually no one feels at home anymore in the Netherlands ..."

The new integration policy will place more demands on immigrants. For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language, and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants who ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law. The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because, according to Donner, "it is not the government's job to integrate immigrants."

It's time for a vote for the Australian public on multiculturalism. People should "fit in" and become Australian first of all, and then secondary perpetuating their religion and culture of choice. Globalization has diluted our cultural heritage, and assumes that we don't have a distinct culture of our own. We have our own traditional and modern music, art, dance, architecture, history, pioneers, poetry and literature. It's been overwhelmed for too long by imported values.

Holland has done that whole liberal thing, and realised - maybe too late - that creating a nation of tribes will kill the nation itself. The future of Australia , the UK and Canada may well be read here.

Stories in past months about the plans to place prayer rooms for Muslims inside Australia’s football venues provide yet another sign of the changes that are happening in our country. It has been reported that prayer rooms are to be compulsory at all AFL grounds. There's more "diversity" of crimes too. There are now separate facilities in some educational institutions for Muslims, there are swimming pools that have closed at certain times for Muslim women, there are foods with the Muslim “Halal tax” appearing in our supermarkets.

There is also pressure to introduce Sharia law. While most muslims who come here are moderate and accepting, their religion is underlyingly contrary to Australia's open values and Christian-based culture.

Nations divided by culture, ideals, traditions, values and alliances are inherently weak. Fragmented foundations don't hold up strong buildings, and the same could be said for nations. Multiculturalism is instituted from the top down as an elitist ruling class tool used to play one or more racial or ethnic groups against another. Deliberate fragmentation of these nations and the resultant loss of national identity and purpose into politically disharmonious units, serves as a stepping stone to world government. As conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, in many of the states of Africa and in Northern Ireland demonstrate, maintaining even a semblance of peace between different groups can sometimes be extremely difficult. Multiculturalism is a view, or policy, that immigrants, and others, should preserve their cultures with the different cultures interacting peacefully within one nation. Today, this is the official policy of Canada, Australia and the UK. UK Communities Secretary Eric Pickles heralded the end of state-sponsored multiculturalism. Migrants will be required to speak English, the number of official documents translated into other languages will be reduced and councils will be allowed to hold prayers at the start of meetings. Some European leaders have even pronounced the “end of multiculturalism.” Some governments have challenged the Schengen agreement, by bringing back border checks in response to the influx of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East.

From the of 27 May, 2012 by Melissa Fyfe and Royce Millar:


Thirty years ago, 400 [tomato] growers supplied seven canneries. Only nine are growing this season and there's just one processor. Five farmers quit last year, four this year. "We're just hoping to hang on," says Weeks, 65.

For years, Italian imports have laid siege to the Australian canned tomato industry. Now, as we witness a sharp rise in imported food, it appears the Europeans have won: only two of every 10 cans sold are locally made, the rest mostly Italian. SPC Ardmona's 400-gram can of whole peeled tomatoes, some of which may be grown by Bruce Weeks, retails at $1.67. Coles and Woolworths often sell their Italian-sourced own brands for half that, at 80¢. The most expensive branded Italian cans are priced at $1.39. Australians may say they like to buy local, but their wallets speak louder.

It's little wonder when the price of Italian tomatoes seemingly defies logic. The Italian can must complete a 17,888-kilometre, six-week voyage skirting several continents to arrive on an Australian supermarket shelf. Sitting next to it, the Ardmona can, tinned in Shepparton, has reached a Melbourne supermarket distribution centre after two hours in a truck. Yet it can be double the price of its Mediterranean cousin. Why?

The answer is as much a story about the competitive edge and romance of growing tomatoes in Italy as it is of the relentless forces of globalisation eroding Australia's food exports and now its ability to maintain a viable domestic food processing sector. What happened to the Australian canned tomato industry has happened, or is happening, to Australian canned fruit, frozen potatoes, seafood and processed vegetable industries.


Economies of scale trim costs, but Italy's tomato industry has two key competitive advantages: cheap, sometimes illegal, migrant labour and European Union subsidies. For 20 years, Italy has relied on field workers from Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and India. The Rome office of Doctors Without Borders has documented the plight of the migrants in several reports, the last in 2008. They describe a workforce vulnerable to violence and intimidation, living in extreme poverty in disused buildings with no toilets or access to healthcare. ...


(The Australian industry is not entirely innocent: migrants, mostly Asian or Indian, are used at harvest, and while the farmers pay a contractor about $22 an hour for each worker, they admit they have no idea how much each worker is paid.)


Even Italy is not immune to cheap Chinese competition. In 2004, it implemented labelling regulations to identify Italian tomato products. Already, China's largest market for its tomato paste is Italy.

Back in Rochester, Bruce Weeks is hoping Australian consumers will help. "If Australians want people employed in Australia, they've got to buy Australian made," he says. "Every day here people are being put off. Every day there's jobs being lost. It just can't keep happening … Eventually there will be nothing produced in Australia."

A CHINESE company wants control of 100,000 hectares of Australian land for aquaculture. Federal Parliament sources say a Chinese company intends to use an Australian resources company to develop the land, near Broome in Western Australia.

Senator Heffernan says that huge areas of environmental destruction in the Chinese landscape and contamination of a lot of their fisheries means that they are scouring the planet looking to secure their food supplies. Heffernan says "they've lost 10 per cent of their agricultural land in the last 10 years. They've destroyed their own capacity, they're using ours." Overpopulation is catastrophic, but nations with buying power can be global predators, preying on any weaknesses in national power - like Australia's globalization efforts and weak sovereignty.

The 2008 global food crisis was a time when surging food prices swept the world, giving rise to riots, trade bans, and panicked hoarding. It would be naive to imagine that food security will increase in the coming years. A remote landlord is contrary to our interests. In China, only residents are allowed to buy agricultural land - quite sensibly. It's not an easy task, feeding 22 per cent of the world's population with just 7 per cent of the world's arable land. China's revolution in agriculture has the backing of $1 trillion for agricultural investment over the next five years.

The basic economic task of feeding the world's hungry has once again become daunting with rapidly rising populations. A severe decline in stocks has nearly paralyzed the fishing industry in east China. Millions of sharks are killed each year to supply a growing demand for shark fin soup – one of the most expensive foods available. In China, the rapid rise of a middle-class population with disposable income means more people can afford the expensive soup. Allowing China access to our land for aquaculture would be treason.
Where are the voices of reason in our government except a few like Senator Bill Heffernan and Dick Smith? Our politicians have their snouts in the trough, and have given themselves a pay rise. They are

not under scrutiny to show performance results.

Australia is not China, and it's time the public become "xenophobic" against these predatory buy-ups of Australian assets.

Call to Boycott Harvey Norman because of logging Koala Habitats We have been appealing to Harvey Norman for a while now to stop logging in old growth forests. We have since been alerted that they are now logging in koala habitats. It is shocking and sickening that a "proud Australian company" is destroying the homes of a plethora of native animals, all for their bottomline. We are appealing to the public to boycott Harvey Norman until and when they have shown proof that they are not supporting the destruction of habitats that should by their very nature be 100% protected. by Tony Eastley on ABC Radio's AM of 3 July at For the Animals Jaylene Musgrave Vegan Warriors 0448310640 Media Manager, Sunshine Coast Koala Wildlife Rescue Service . Join Me on Facebook

BAILLIEU GOVERNMENT SHOULD RULE OUT TOLLING EXISTING ROADS It would be outrageous for the Baillieu Government to introduce tolls on existing free roads such as the Eastern Freeway, the West Gate Bridge, or the freeway off ramps to Hoddle Street, to pay for the East West Tunnel. Concern that the State Government intends to toll existing free roads has arisen following the Government's refusal to release 27 documents that "relate to the potential introduction of new tolling regimes on new or existing roads in Melbourne" on the grounds that they were internal working documents or commercial in confidence. This secrecy will only fuel public concern that the Government is indeed considering tolls on existing roads to help fund the East West Tunnel. The Kennett Government did this on the Tullamarine Freeway when it built City Link. It was completely improper and meant that motorists were worse off, rather than better off, as a result of the new road. We do not want to see a repeat of that. What the Baillieu Government should do is now rule out any tolls on roads which have already been constructed with taxpayer funds. Source: Kelvin Thomson, MP Federal Member for Wills Media release

This morning on ABC local radio in Melbourne the presenter, Jon Faine devoted about 15 minutes to the subject of a "possum plague" in Melbourne. Fortunately some people pointed out that in fact it was human plague and that humans were taking over the possums' territory. The subject of the program was precipitated by a decision of one of the Melbourne Councils to spend $65,000 on contraceptive measures because there are allegedly 60 possums living in Curtin Square in an inner Melbourne suburb. Mr. Faine asked a guest on the program from Wildlife Victoria why brush tail possums were protected since they are not endangered. The wildlife Victoria officer gently explained that a native Australian animal did not have to be endangered to be protected by law under the Wildlife Act and managed to convey that the hardy possums who have adapted and managed to survive in an urban environment are an important animal species within the Australian environment.

The story about the Curtin Square possums reappeared tonight when it was featured on 7 TV news where one could see about 2 possums inoffensively licking something that had been offered to them and then wandering away. Animal activist, Rheya Linden was interviewed but only a few seconds of what she said went to air. She was responding to threats that it would be made illegal to feed possums. She said she would never abandon the possums. The rest of what she sad was muted although her face was shown for few more seconds.

It is strange to see how blatantly the newsmedia suppresses any real diversity of comment. Rheya Linden is highly informed on urban possums and has academic credentials on cultural attitudes to animals.

The following is a to an article Kofi Annan attacks Russia and west's 'destructive competition' over Syria of 6 July in the ostensibly left/liberal UK Guardian news magazine:

I am stunned by the attacks on Putin. Russia hasn't interfered in American foreign policy in the Middle East for 30 years. America on the other hand has instigated a war in Iraq, an overthrow of a government in Afganistan, a war in Afganistan, the overthrow of a government in Libya, involvement in Sudan etc. Yet Putin says enough of the West's regime change policy and he is the bad guy. I think Russia and China should push for regime change in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where people are still stoned to death and hands are cut off. But of course those are America's allies so they don't need democracy although Americans fought for Kuwait and Bush promised us democratic reforms there.

A good rebuttal of the deceit contained in the Guardian article is to be found in of 7 July 2012 in landdestroyer.blogspot.com.

See also: of 8 July in The Telegraph, of 8 July.

Senator The Hon. Bob Carr, former NSW Premier and now Foreign Minister of Australia, is an outspoken advocate of the need to end population growth. Populate and Perish was quite relevant for our post War era, but now is populate and perish due to the looming threats to our planet! More people are being warehoused in cities globally, and pollution, congestion and family-hostile living is increasingly a problem. Economists and politicians worship growth, but they ignore the costs. Hong Kong was judged the most liveable city, followed by Amsterdam, Osaka and Paris, after additional criteria including urban sprawl, connection and proximity to other cities, and pollution were taken into account. Read more: Despite Carr's proclamation that Sydney was "full", it has continued to "grow" it's economy. Economic growth has become a euphemism for population growth. The public might question the value of high immigration, but who could deny the benefits of alluring economic growth? Hong Kong was boosted from number 10 to the top spot on the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) global "liveability" rankings. The cost of housing in Hong Kong is reported to be getting sheer ridiculous, the city is overpopulated with people from the mainland, pollution is just getting worse, and there's not much of an art scene. Expats aren't generally happy, getting kids into a decent school is just a nightmare. Hidden amid the multi-million dollar high-rise apartments and chic shopping malls of Hong Kong's urban centers are scores of tiny, unseen tenements -- some no bigger than coffins -- that many people call home. The 15-square-foot enclosure is just one incarnation of the city's distinctive low-income housing alternatives. It's assumed that urban planners will simply create plans that will preserve space, amenities, costs of living, living standards and a balance with natural resources and heritage - all while the population keeps growing. Bigger is not necessarily better, and if Sydney is descending backwards behind a tall, dense, polluted city like Hong Kong, then perhaps Bob Carr should be listened to. There are limits to growth, and excessive growth is a pathology on living organisms, and also on cities.

Look, this so-called 'livability index' report comes from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which is oxymoronic in itself and part of a group associated with the anglo-centric Economist magazine. People in Hong Kong rent cages stacked one on top of the other in rooms in concrete high rises. There are protests about the abrogation of public land and the ever increasing intensity of development. The EIU put overcrowded concrete Vancouver and Melbourne equal at the head of its list in 2002. Clearly this list is a list about concrete spaces and developers' anti-human values and the Economists silly promotion of economic growth and globalisation. The award is just a manufactured consensus thing promoted by big business for big business and against relocalisation, human scale and natural surroundings.

That the Sydney Morning Herald publishes this nonsense is just another indication of the corruption of real reporting by corporate agendas. In other words this is all just corporate propaganda which little girls and little boys should be taught to dissect in primary school and once were. Wonder what has happened there?

About the Economist group:

"From its beginnings in 1843, when The Economist newspaper was founded by a Scottish hat manufacturer to further the cause of free trade" ...
"Many of the issues facing the world have an international if not global dimension. The Economist brand family is ideally positioned to be the commentator, interpreter and forecaster of the phenomenon of globalisation as it gathers in pace and impact." [In other words, a propaganda outfit that actually has some deluded ordinary subscribers.]

From Global Research of 8 July 2012

As a multitude of hazardous wireless technologies are deployed in homes, schools and workplaces, government officials and industry representatives continue to insist on their safety despite growing evidence to the contrary. A major health crisis looms that is only hastened through the extensive deployment of “smart grid” technology.

Exclusive to The Weekly Times: CHINESE nationals are buying Australian farms and agribusinesses to get Australian visas. And the Federal Government seems unconcerned. Not only is our agricultural land up for grabs to the highest overseas bidder, investors are looking to move to Australia. So big buyers can not only buy a slice of Australia's sovereignty, they can also "buy" citizenship.

See of 11 July 2012 by Leslie White at http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/article/2012/07/11/507571_latest-news.html

There are eight types of "Business Migration Visas" and includes sections in Chinese and its Cantonese dialect. The Commercial Property Profiles website also offers "Assistance available for discreet international funds transfer". The Weekly Times understands the payments for Australian land or businesses could be held until the buyer's visa applications were decided. They can then own the land and Australian citizenship.

Residency is being used as a lure for buying land and assets. According to Minister for Immigration, Chris Bowen, this is quite acceptable. What about community expectations?

Commercial Property Profiles is a promotional group working with the vendor and licensed authorities to put forward rural business and property sales to the International Market. It's another property development organisation. According to the website: "Any person or persons wishing to migrate to Australia under a Business or Skilled Independent Migration Visa under the Migration Act of 1958 must clearly state their business intentions in Australia together with a business plan and or a “Contract Of Sale to purchase a viable business”.

See at http://www.cppro.com.au

The fact that no foreigner can buy agricultural land in China doesn't seem to be an issue here. Also, it is very hard for foreigners to get a foothold in China or some kind of stable life with everything secured. In China it seems that even you have worked there for 7 years, own property, have invested in a company and have a family with a local citizen it is still very hard almost impossible to get permanent residence let alone citizenship. Why should we give them citizenship and permanent residence status to Australia if we are mostly not given it there? There are no reciprocal arrangements but but one way - to Australia! China refuses to give permanent residence to the vast majority of expats, no matter how long they have lived and worked in the country.

Linked to from the report Nimby has linked to above is an earlier report, also in Weekly Times Now, of 4 July 2012:

EXCLUSIVE: A CHINESE company wants control of 100,000 hectares of Australian land for aquaculture.

And the produce would be sent directly back to China.

Federal Parliament sources say a Chinese company intends to use an Australian resources company to develop the land, near Broome in Western Australia.


The 100,000ha would dwarf the aim of fellow Chinese company Shanghai Zhongfu to obtain 30,000 hactares with attached water rights on the Ord River in northern WA and the western Northern Territory.

For now, at least, this particular 30,0000 hactares of land is not going to be sold outright:

The land would be on a long-term lease.

Nevertheless, serious concerns remain:

said he believed the intention was to send the seafood "straight to the Chinese market".

"I further understand this is long-term strategic planning, because of the huge areas of environmental destruction in the Chinese landscape and contamination of a lot of their fisheries," Senator Heffernan said. "They've lost 10 per cent of their agricultural land in the last 10 years. They've destroyed their own capacity, they're using ours."

Of concern is Dick Smith's apparent support for Chinese citizens buying Australian citizenship through buying Australian farmland as described above by nimby:

Adventurer and businessman Dick Smith said Australia should "follow the astute Chinese Government", which "requires residency for owning productive land and important companies".

"If they became residents, I'd totally support it," Mr Smith said.

In contrast, the took a strong stand on :

CWA spokeswoman Elaine Armstrong said she was "disturbed" about land being controlled by foreign entities, "whether it's China or whoever".

West Australian Mines, Petroleum and Fisheries Minister Norman Moore could not be contacted and the West Australian Agriculture Department did not respond.

Planet Ark, famous for encouraging us to recycle greetings cards to save trees, is set to endorse clearfell logging of native forest. So when does an "environmental group" ends being an advocate for the environment to become part of the industry it has objected to? It's when they sell-out of their principles to gain $$$. The Australian Forestry Standard is an alternative logging certification system pushed by logging operations who do not have more community-based Forestry Stewardship Certification. They need to have an "environment" group to give it a tick! Planet Ark is in financial straits, so they have accepted the challenge and have compromised their integrity. It's like signing an agreement with the devil! They have lost their focus, and the means (money) has become the end rather than the means. Planet Ark's position is also at odds with Liberal leader Tony Abbott, who said recently most people were "revolted" by clearfell native forest logging. As the columnist says, it's like the abolitionist animals rights group PETA investing in its own livestock farm and calling it the Australian Farmers Lobby for the benefit of farmers. How can Environment Minister Tony Burke allow Planet Ark to have the status of a charity group, considering it is taking money from vested interests? Mission Statement of Planet Ark Environmental Foundation aims to work with people and business to teach them the simple ways in which they can reduce their impact on the planet, at home, at work and in the community. One of their aims is to: To work alongside and with businesses in order to bring about positive environmental change. However, "work alongside and with businesses" shouldn't mean becoming part of the problem rather than the solution!!! Green pharisees, or hypocrites, is becoming more of a problem. Population growth is usually ignored by environmental and climate change groups. Money, the root of all evil, is a potent power. Population blindness is an ailment that is causing activists to ignore the elephant in the room of most environmental degradation - and more people means more demand for natural resources such as timber and it's by products.

Hey Bandicoot,

Morals didn't stop Wilderness Society boss, Alec Marr, buying a timber mill in Triabunna this time last year.
It's treehugger turned woodchipper, just like the Greens have turned their back on forests in favour of policy focus on asylum seekers, more overseas aid and gay marriage!

17th July 2012:
"TASMANIA'S forest industry, still reeling from the sale of a strategic woodchip mill to two environmentalists, has been shocked to learn who will run it - the green hard man Alec Marr.

The Wotif founder, Graeme Wood, and the Kathmandu creator, Jan Cameron, have hired Mr Marr, a former Wilderness Society boss, to manage the Triabunna mill that chipped millions of old-growth trees he tried to save.

As their general manager, Mr Marr will negotiate on behalf of the pair who, with their surprise $10 million buy, dealt themselves into historic peace talks on native forest logging.
Once chief defendant in a civil prosecution launched by the seller of Triabunna, Gunns, and forced out of the Wilderness Society, Mr Marr's selection amazed industry observers.

''Alec Marr is going to be a woodchipper?'' the Timber Communities Australia state manager, Barry Chipman, said. ''It is probably a fitting way to end a bizarre week.''

The Liberal senator Eric Abetz said it was ''Green cronyism and triumphalism at its ugliest''.
Mr Marr declined to comment but Mr Wood said Mr Marr's personal views of the timber industry would not matter.
''His job is to implement the forest statement of principles and to work with all industry players to re-open the mill.''

Green and industry groups have been in talks for more than a year to craft the statement of principles and end 25 years of conflict. Their latest deal agreed to protect up to 430,000 hectares of Tasmania's public native forest but still operate some sawlog and veneer mills. Woodchips are claimed as crucial secondary income for the surviving timber operations, and the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania wants Triabunna to keep chipping until at least 2027.

The association's chief executive, Terry Edwards, warned that if the mill was not kept open, the industry would not be able to back the deal.
With Japanese export markets increasingly rejecting native forest chips, Gunns shut Triabunna in April. When it re-opens under new ownership, contentious timber is increasingly unlikely to enter its gates. Mr Wood said his original view was that the chip mill should operate for three to five years before the site was turned into a tourist development.

''Having spoken to government people, that may have to go out,'' he said. Now Mr Marr, a blunt and at times abrasive negotiator, will be leading further talks.
Mr Wood tried to reassure residents about a future beyond woodchipping. ''We believe Triabunna will be good for tourism and wine,'' he said.'

Suggan Buggan
Snowy River Region

T'is expected from the News Dictator. Rupert's desperation realising his power is waning is to burn the News books. "If I can't control them no-one will!" It seems Rupert's final 'vituperative billingsgate'. Tigerquoll Suggan Buggan Snowy River Region Victoria Australia

Bureau of Statistics figures show, two-thirds of the growth in the adult population has been among people who are neither employed nor unemployed, just sitting on the sidelines. In Victoria, roughly half the population growth has been among workforce dropouts. In Queensland and Tasmania, it has been more than 100 per cent. The Age - workforce-gives-up-and-drops-out 13 July Australia's employers cut 27,000 jobs last month, sending the jobless rate higher and increasing the chances of another cut in official interest rates. The Age - economy sheds 27,000 jobs 12 July Our economic system based on perpetual growth is wearing thin and cracking at the seams. Jobs being lost, manufacturing going, house prices pushed to high, declining real wages, privatization of public jobs, and at the same time "skilled" immigration threatening jobs. There are limits to growth, and this should be obvious. Nearly every part of the economy outside mining is struggling, and there is fear among some small businesses and economists that if China stops gobbling up Australia's coal and iron ore, the remainder of the economy would be too weak to pick up the slack. (The Australian, Dependence on mining may lead to recession, says Andy Xie, 9 July). Service industries don't provide the same substance, permanence and innovation of manufacturing and national ownership of public services. Service industries slumped in April, and consumer confidence has fallen to levels last seen in 2001. The service industries are witnessing a deterioration in demand. Why are we continually bringing in more migrants, no matter how skilled they are, for jobs that will put the squeeze on Australians even more? The skilled migrant category will increase next year and there is unlimited employer sponsored temporary workers allowed - many of them will apply for PR. This government is trying to increase the size of the economy simply by increasing our population - more consumers. Our living standards are declining and jobs are going. There's enough skills already in Australia. Our own population should be invested in first as our main resource. There are limits to growth - in every system whether it's the size of the economy or the size of our population. We already have more population than required by our economy. The aging population cant' be negated by more people. The wealthiest nations on our planet all have aging populations. It is sign of wealth and success. Japan is the smart country. We need to invest skills in our population - our major national resource. The economy is a sub-set of our existence, and people are more than economic units. Adding more people while we are under job and financial-mortgage stress just exacerbates the whole system. Economic growth is a big Ponzi scheme and can't continue the way it has been. Germany's population is declining, but their wealth is increasing. We should be investing in knowledge, skills, high skilled production, careful use of natural resources and become a clever - not overloaded- country. We need a different economic model for an era of decline and "peaks". We are at economic "peak" and should live within our means. If our Economy is shedding jobs, it means the system that supports our existence and well being is sending signal that it can't continue to growth, and when economic growth becomes uneconomic, it's time to end the growth paradigm and transfer to a steady-state model.

Environment groups have labelled "Judas" over "throwing a lifeline to the most appalling logging practices" in Australia.

If so, they would not be the only "green" Pharisees! Usually they celebrate trees and recommend recycling Christmas cards to save them, but now they have agreed to sit on the review committee for the Australian Forestry Standard, which certifies the controversial operations of Forestry Tasmania and VicForests. They've made a pact with the Devil!

Environment East Gippsland coordinator Jill Redwood said PA "seemed to have turned Judas".

"Planet Ark has thrown a lifeline to the most appalling logging practices like we see in Indonesia and Malaysia," Ms Redwood said.

When you can't beat them, join them, and instead of being part of the solution, you can get financial rewards by being part of the problem. Planet Ark have sold out on environmentalism and lost their vision.

Planet Ark has agreed to sit on the review committee for the Australian Forestry Standard, which certifies the controversial operations of Forestry Tasmania and VicForests. The standard requires an environment group to sit on the committee but other environment groups refused.

See Weekly Times:

Scientists are still studying the 'massive whale nursery' that surrounds Woodside's contentious gas hub project in Western Australia's Kimberley, former Greens leader Bob Brown says. The activists will meet Aboriginal activists in Broome before sailing on Sea Shepherd's ship Steve Irwin to the proposed development site at James Price Point early next month. The activist ship will leave Melbourne this week for the Kimberley coast to draw attention to potential impacts on humpback whales by the giant project. 'Most Australians don't know that this massive whale nursery is off our northwest coast, and it is threatened,' Dr Brown told AAP on Tuesday. Woodside and its partners will pipe gas ashore from the Browse Basin for processing and export at James Price Point, if one of Australia's largest energy projects gains final investment approval. Dr Brown said that, as an adviser to the group, he hopes to raise awareness of the devastating consequences if federal approval is granted to huge gas projects where humpback whales are known to thrive. "Constructing the gas factories and port would mean noise pollution, destruction of habitat and also boat strikes to whales" said the Sea Shepherd group. While ostensibly the Australian government supports whales and condemns Japan "scientific" whale slaughter, this Woodside hub commercial venture would put an end to whales enjoying calmer, warmer waters to give birth to and bring up their infants in safety. It's an attack on whales and adds to our government's anti-whaling hypocrisy. Denying species' habitats is just as lethal as weapons of destruction.

News that former prime minister, and now traitor, Bob Hawke is helping broker the sale of a huge tract of West Australian land to China should set alarm bells ringing in Canberra. Those who are happy to flog off Australian farms label those who are bothered "economic cretins" who do not understand the value of foreign investment - or, worse, "racist xenophobes". How can food production be raised by 77% by 2050? Global and Australia's population is set to rise, but that doesn't mean Nature can be cajoled to meet human demands. There are limits to growth in any natural or even any human-made system. Can potosynthesis be increased in speed, can plant growth become more rapid, can soils be more fertile on declining global resources, can animals be made to "grow" their meat faster even still? How much more milk can cows produce to keep up with exponential human demands? Land is the new international currency due to global overpopulation and declining fertile soils, and water. Australians know their own land better than foreigners. They will be interested mainly in their own country's food security. Australia is a sophisticated and modern nation, with a strong and innovative pioneering farming history. Australia has lead the way in agricultural inventions. However, our Australian government is failing to make farming an attractive and rewarding lifestyle choice. China, a county with 9% of the world's farmland, has attracted a string of negative headlines over claims that it is aiming to tackle its problem of feeding its 1.3bn people, 20% of the world's population, by importing food from a swathe of farms purchased abroad. It has prompted countries such as Argentina and Brazil to place limits on foreign ownership of land. It's very hard for foreigners in China to gain permanent residency, even after living there for many years. It's impossible for foreigners to buy Chinese agricultural land. This an attack on our sovereignty by our own government, and Bob Hawke. Another argument used to silence debate is that foreign ownership does not threaten our food security because we export a lot more than we produce. It's an attack on our sovereign land, our natural heritage. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nation’s position on land grabs legitimises the industrial monocultures responsible for the expulsion of farmers and indigenous communities from their lands say Latin American and Caribbean social movements and organisations. China is a consumer of virtually all the transgenic soy produced by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. There is an attempt to buy land in countries of great natural wealth and produce the food needed to supply its domestic market”. In 2010 Argentine courts halted a contract of Patagonian province of Rio Negro with Chinese company Heilongjiang for the sale of 254.000 hectares to be used for just such a mega-project. The scale of Chinese food-producing operation would allow them to import everything they need, more cheaply, direct from China. Nil for Australia! Their own food security will be their priority, not Australia's. The "Asian Century" should be about trading with Asian nations, not caving in and selling off our sovereign land to them - against the will of caring Australians. Comments on this page have been closed. Please add further comments .- Ed, 19 July