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Cate Molloy : Forced council amalgamations planned by Property Council of Australia

Cate Molloy exposes amalgamation scam - media release, 7 Sep 07

Cate Molloy, the former Member for Noosa, today claimed Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's promise to introduce iconic legislation to protect Noosa was nothing more than a scam. Ms Molloy also claimed that Beattie had "hoodwinked" the people of Noosa.

"Claims by many Noosa notables and others that we have had some sort of victory due to our strong protests are very sadly wrong," said Cate Molloy.

"Premier Beattie and even possibly some in our midst have again hoodwinked and deceived the anti-amalgamation movement and the people of Noosa," she said.

"The facts about so-called iconic legislation are this," said Cate Molloy.

"In August and September 2004, Desley Boyle, then Minister for the Environment and Local Government, wrote to me stating the Government did not intend changing council boundaries unless councils requested them to do so," Ms Molloy said.

"However, the Minister also urged me to consider 'what great sense amalgamation would make,' and said specific processes could be put in place to "protect Noosa" and - wait for it, 'Bob (Abbott) could be the boss of them all, and you tell him that','" said Cate Molloy.

"While I rejected any involvement in this sinister plan and to my knowledge Bob knew nothing of it, anyone suggesting such "iconic" legislation was a response to our protest has been either sadly deceived by Beattie's spin doctors and even perhaps local players in Beattie's plan," Ms Molloy claimed.

"The reality is this," she said.

"Premier Beattie has long been lobbied by the powerful Property Council of Australia for access to the lucrative Noosa brand," said Cate.

"In 2004 it commissioned the Sunshine Coast Research Institute for Business Enterprise to prepare a pro-Amalgamation report, in conjunction with other industry representatives," said Cate Molloy.

"As a consequence, the Government's plan for the bludgeoning of the Noosa Council and the sweetener of iconic special treatment was already on the table in 2004, long before the Minister attempted to cajole me with simplistic and insulting platitudes," Cate Molloy claimed.

"I therefore make this appeal to all. Don't be further misled by Beattie and those in our midst white-anting the anti-amalgamation movement! We must focus on logic and the facts and reject those trying to make political and other mileage out of this affair," Cate Molloy said.

"It's clear Beattie has allowed the Property Council of Australia to get its way and Noosa shall suffer as a result. Amalgamation is just another act of bastardry by the Government and any of its calculating high-placed allies in our midst," Ms Molloy claimed.

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