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No forced amalgamations

Stop Peter Beattie's anti-democratic forced local government amalgamations

Save Queensland local government!

An entirely unsubstantiated slew of Local Government amalgamations have just been announced by the Queensland Beattie Labour Government. The ruling majority in our State Parliament intend to enact these changes without any effective consultation or transparent evaluation.

Labor wrecker of 2007 claims union anti-privatisation campaign a threat to re-election of federal Labor

In 2007, Andrew Fraser, as Local Govenment Minister, imposed council amalgamations against the overwhelming wishes of affected residents, even threatening to dismiss councillors who dared hold ballots on amalgamation. For many months, the angry backlash threatened Labor's federal election prospects. In 2010, the same Andrew Fraser, as Queensland Treasurer, claims that the unions' campaign against his unpopular $15 billion fire sale, opposed by 79% of the Queensland public, will threaten Labor's federal election prospects.

Bald Hills community fights sand mining threat to flood plains and Moreton Bay

Whilst Brisbane's Courier Mail rightly recently exposed the ecological vandalism of Consolidated Rutile on North Stradbroke Island, it and the rest of the Queensland newsmedia, have largely ignored a proposed extension of sand and gravel mining on the nearby mainland, which may prove to be even more harmful for the Moreton Bay region. Local residents are determined to fight the expansion, but apart from newsmedia indifference, also face a local council and a state government so far resolved to put the interests of corporate greed above the interests of the local community and the environment.

See also: "Bald Hills Flats under threat", an excellent six minute YouTube broadcast published on 9 Aug 09 (also embedded in this article), "Residents launch campaign to fight quarry plan" by Joel Gould and Miranda Forster in the Pine Rivers Press of 20 Aug 09, "Parents blast plan to mine sand and gravel near school" by Tanya Chilcott in the Courier Mail of 20 Aug 09 (almost identical copy to be found here), "North Stradbroke Island eaten away by sand mininig" by Greg Stolz in the Courier Mail of 15 Aug 09, "Rezoning anger at Bald Hills" by Miranda Forster in the Pine Rivers Press of 13 May 10, Bald Hills Against Mining FaceBook page.

Courier Mail breaks 'news' to Qld taxpayers, ratepayers: amalgamations will cost you

Queensland's Courier Mail newspaper, which supported the Beattie Government's anti-democratic forced local government amalgamations in 2007 is now breaking the news to Queensland taxpayers and ratepayers that the amalgamations, made at the behest of the Property Council of Australia will, indeed, cost them dearly, exactly as amalgamation opponents had predicted.

Federal elections and Queensland local government amalgamations

Australians, finally able to rejoice at the demise of the hated Howard government, can count themselves lucky that the Queensland Labor Government's undemocratic local government amalgamations program enacted at the behest of the Property Council of Australia did not fatally undermine Federal Labor's election campaign.

A bill to stop the Traveston Dam

Independent Candidate for Wide Bay Cate Molloy vows to introduce bills to stop the Traveston Dam and forced council amalgamations.

State Government hoodwinking Queenslanders about amalgamation

Cate Molloy, Independendent candidate for the seat of Wide Bay refutes claims that the Queensland Government decided to forcibly amalgmate councils only after receiving the recommendation from the Independent Commission on Council Amalgamations.

Friends of Noosa's "Dump Labor" campaign punishes the wrong people

If the leaders of the "Friends of Noosa" coalition had learnt anything from recent history, they would understand that their "Dump Labor" campaign, aimed at the Federal Labor Party, which has opposed forced amalgamations from the outset and has fully supported John Howard's legislation to allow Queenslanders to express their views on this issue at the ballot box, will have almost the precise opposite effect to that intended.

Greens and Douglas Shire Mayor to talk on fighting amalgamations

Australian Greens lead Senate candidate for Queensland Larissa Waters will today meet Douglas Shire Council Mayor Mike Berwick to discuss how the Greens can help to overturn the decision to amalgamate local Councils.

Cate Molloy : Forced council amalgamations planned by Property Council of Australia

Cate Molloy, the former Member for Noosa, today claimed Queensland Premier Peter Beattie's promise to introduce iconic legislation to protect Noosa was nothing more than a scam.

Cate Molloy calls for slow anti-amalgamation protest convoy to Brisbane

Media Release, 5 Sep 2007

The Independent Candidate for Wide Bay and former Member for Noosa, Cate Molloy, today called on the Friends of Noosa and all others opposed to council amalgamation to undertake a mass protest action that will border on civil disobedience.

"I'm calling on all Sunshine Coast people who oppose amalgamation, including the Friends of Noosa, to join with me in undertaking a unique but very powerful protest that well and truly shake Peter Beattie," Cate Molloy said.

Beattie to consult Queenslanders on dams, building projects, population growth?

"With any luck, Queenslanders can soon expect to be consulted not only about council amalgamations, but also about the Traveston Dam, the ongoing deluge of construction projects that are destroying communities and the natural environment of Queensland ..."

Howard's paper thin hypocrisy on amalgamations

The Coalition Government has exposed its hypocrisy on council amalgamations with its current attack on the Queensland Government according to Independent Member for Calare, Peter Andren.

Will John Howard save democracy in Queensland?

John Howard, the same man who privatised Telstra against the wishes of 70% of Australians and even more strenuous opposition from rural Australia, and who sold out the interests of beef and pork producers in signing the Australia US Free Trade Agreement in 2005 has emerged, in the past week, as the unlikely saviour of Queensland democracy.

Also published as "Dictatorial conduct" on Online Opinion on 12 Aug 07.

Queensland mayors defy dismissal threats to consult their communities

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie and his Local Government Minister Andrew Fraser have forgotten the meaning of the word 'democracy'. Mayors who consult with their own constituents over the question of the abolition of their local governments face instant dismissal. These provisions were added to the legislation which forces many Queensland local councils to amalgamate with neighbouring councils at the last minute when the legislation was rushed through in the early hours of Friday 10 August.

Don't let Peter Beattie save John Howard's political hide

Those who have read "The Latham Diaries" will have found startling confirmation of the fact the State Labor Premiers are cynical enough to deliberately damage the electoral prospects of their Federal counterparts in order to better ensure their own survival at the state level.Adapted from an article cross-posted to Online Opinion. Also, see article on webdiary "Peter Beattie bent on destruction of Rudd's chances" by Margo Kingston.

When amalgamations failed

The history of this troubled amalgamation (of Greater Brisbane) and of the "greaterisation" push in the Labor party are fascinating. Whatever the earlier dream, by 1936 the Labor state government had to deal with serious problems in amalgamated Brisbane, as had the earlier Moore government.

Local Government specialist demolishes case for amalgamations

The argument in favour of forced amalgamations has been comprehensively demolished by Professor Brian Dollery of the University of New England ...

Protest Friday to save save local government at Brisbane's Southbank

Show your opposition to the Beattie Govenment's bid to trample the rights of local communities at the behest of its property developer and land speculator backers.

Where: Brisbane's Southbank Parklands
When: 10:30AM, Friday 3 August

Resident of former rural Victorian Grenville Shire urges Queenslanders to fight amalgamation

When we were under the Grenville Shire, very ordinary citizens ran it in unison with their fellow residents. Things got done and rates were kept very low despite the fact that Grenville had it's own road maintenance crew and machinery. Since we've fallen under the banner of the Golden Plains Shire, we've had a reduction in some services and unwanted town projects thrust upon us by a shire well out of touch with residents desires.

Queensland Greens Senate candidate condemns forced amalgamations

Australian Greens Lead Senate Candidate for Queensland, Larissa Waters said today's recommendations from the Local Government Reform Commission would be the death of Local Government democracy and is demanding the Beattie Government reject them.

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