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Greens call for scrapping of second Brisbane Airport runway

Queensland Greens Media Release - 19 September 2007

The second runway at Brisbane airport should be scrapped and government should instead be promoting a reduction in air travel, said Australian Greens lead Senate candidate for Queensland, Larissa Waters today.

"Air travel is the most greenhouse gas intensive form of transport.

"A second runway would enable yet more increase in emissions, at a time when scientists warn we need to stabilise emissions or the Great Barrier Reef will die and our farmers will suffer.

"The federal government's approval of the runway and the Opposition?s silence on the climate change implications are more sad proof that the old parties don?t understand what needs to be done to protect us all from the impacts of climate change.

"Instead of approving a new runway which will exacerbate climate change, disturb residents and impact on Moreton Bay, government should be encouraging people to avoid unnecessary air travel and use alternative means of transport or communication.

"Government should be promoting video conferencing and internet based communication like Skype to reduce air travel for business. They should investigate the feasibility of bullet trains from Brisbane to Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne to give people more sustainable travel alternatives. Local and regional tourism should be promoted," said Ms Waters.

For every 100kms of air travel, 18 kilograms of emissions are created. Australian Greenhouse Office figures show that greenhouse gas emissions from domestic air travel have increased 65% since 1990, creating an additional 1.9 megatonnes of emissions.

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Larissa Waters
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