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What's up in Melbourne - by Di Cachinnans

New website for Residents without Rights. Also Docklands, Stonington Mansions, heritage land in St Kilda road. How long will the War Memorial be safe?

Here are a variety of things to read and turn your mind to during this long weekend. Don't you love this first one about the new website, "Residents Without Rights". Dont we all often feel like that! This is the link for the residents of the CBD, Southbank, Docklands, Carlton, North and West Melbourne to contribute news items, comments or articles with particular interest in violations of residents rights.

Would love to know what the CBD groups also Docklands etc think of Peter Clark in this job. You know him as he was a councillor. Just think of planning and developing Fishermans Bend. And here was me suggesting to the Minister that they should run a world wide competition for Fishermans Bend and get it done well instead of another developer grab for land to put up the maximum they can get away with.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=b88c5d5e498c37ad&biw=779&bih=407

Now Stonnington Mansions land, or what is left of it, or what is left of it, is being sold off by the overseas developers who were able to get it in the first case. One of the tragedies that we see so much of as MarvellousMelbourne is ruined slice by slice.

If you read more of this article, you will also detect another grab for heritage land in St Kilda Road. I wonder how long before they start 'educating us' that the Shrine does not need all that land, what a waste of great development land?

This article is about the past - and shows how desperate Kennett was to get Docklands going. Bargain Basement prices. What a massive killing those developers made.

And what a mess they made of it.

Will they ever put it right?? And will they do the same in Fishermens Bend? Why do they get it so wrong?

And now a review of VCAT -

"As part of the reform moves, Mr Guy said he would establish a working group comprising members of VCAT and departmental officers to review long-term funding options and other possible reforms to VCAT. "

Planning Backlash should have seats on this review committee. Citizens need representatives of their own since DPCD and VCAT seem to be in the hands of developers.

The Mythical Housing shortage and the overseas trade in new home buyers

A few weeks ago I saw an ad from Kuala Lumpur re selling property in Whittlesea. The Doreen Residents Action Group are fighting a 5 story development in what was supposed to be open space adjoining their lake - and what do you think? There was a bus being taken around filled with Asians inspecting it all - no doubt as a result of the promotion in KL.

This mythical housing shortage - it is time to build for Australians instead of keeping prices sky high by selling to foreigners and keeping young Aussies out of the housing market.