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Griffith By-Election 8 Feb 2014: Timothy Diamond Lawrence - Sustainable Population Party Candidate

See also: UK Labour's surrender monkeys dare not criticize Britain's conscript economy, 28 Dec 2013, originally published on RT of 16 Aug 2013.
"..70% of Australians prefer a smaller population. They don't want a 'Big Australia' by 2050, and, none of the major parties are listening. So we're here to give the majority of Australians the choice that they want. [...] We're about the people, the citizens of Australia, who deserve a choice." Timothy Diamond Lawence, Griffith candidate.

Timothy Diamond Lawrence, Sustainable Population Party candidate for Griffith by-election on Saturday 8 February 2014. The seat of Griffith is in Brisbane, Kevin Rudd's old electorate. Now Rudd has resigned, there is a by-election. Brisbane and Queensland are the focus of unsustainable population growth; Education, roads, housing cannot keep up and the beautiful environment is being destroyed. Land and housing prices, energy and vital resources prices are all inflating due to population pressure. Homelessness, debt, despair increasing, along with unemployment. Labor and the LibNationals are equally guilty in this, having actively orchestrated overpopulation to please big business. The Greens won't touch the issue. Only the Sustainable Population Party (previously Stable Population Party) is showing courage to represent peoples' democratic wishes here. For this reason I am publicising Tim Diamond Lawrence.

For a recent earlier article on Mr Lawrence and the Sustainable Population Party, click here.

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Such is the volume of immigration coming to Australia, it's open wide to scams and corruption. It's a whole revenue making industry for the Australian Government.

Experts say the system is being swamped by the popular route of partner visas for permanent residency.

In some countries, marriage itself is an industry. For a great majority of recently arrived migrants from Asia, India, China, Vietnam, when they're looking for a spouse they go back home. According to demographer Bob Birrell, "partner visas do require an assessment after two years, to establish whether or not the relationship is genuine and continuing, but hardly any of such assessments turn up a negative. And I think that's largely because the department is just simply swamped."

Partner visas for married and de-facto relationships make up about 77 per cent of family migration.

Of the 1053 cancellations:

  • 31 were cancelled for the provision of incorrect information and or bogus documents.
  • 108 were cancelled for people with temporary visas in temporary visas in Australia or temporary and permanent visas of visa holders outside Australia.
  • 809 were cancelled for people with a permanent or a temporary visa to be cancelled, without notice, for visa holders who are outside Australia at the time of cancellation.
  • 72 were consequentially cancelled for people for visas held by members of the family unit of a person whose visa has been cancelled under one of the provisions above.
  • 33 cancelled for permanent or a temporary visa holders on character related grounds.

SBS:scams uncovered amid crackdown on partner visa fraud

Whatever will benefit Australia - that we are for;
whatever will harm Australia - that we are against. William Lane


Recipients Of The Prime Native Australian Australia Day Award 2014Announced


Robert J Hawke

For excelling as a Quisling for Chinese imperialists to secure
the purchase and control of Australian Assets.

Campbell Newman

For colluding to violate the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution
by purporting to criminalise freedom of association.

Quentin Bryce

For excelling in the low grade status of the political caste
through the promotion of degeneracy.

Robert Carr

For Foreign Aid allocation to Asia Pacific Nations exacerbating
population chaos to the detriment of Australia.

Australia First Party

Identity - Freedom - Independence
P O Box 223 Croydon 3136. National Contact Line 02 8587 0014

Australia First Party - Reclaiming Australia for Australians

The Protocol for The Order Of The Toad

In addressing a recipient of this Native Australian Award, "Toad"
replaces the common usage of Mr/Mrs, or any other norm of address,
such as those relating to profession, status, position or office.

The salutation "Toad" should be used in both verbal and written
communication as an acknowledgement of the personage of the

Toad Award salutation surpasses accreditation attributes of any other
Australian award.

In personal conversation, when addressing a recipient as "Toad", the
inclusion of a Christian or first name in the appellation is not required.
"Toad" is consummate.

In a personal greeting, particularly when in company, the addressing of
an award holder with the salutation "Toad", should be as a loud
voiced shout, as a full acknowledgement and recognition of the
character of the recipient.

In written communication, it is not considered appropriate to use the
letters OT [Order of the Toad], following the name of a person issued
the award, This is a norm for certain bourgeois awards, but for
Toads, such is considered likely to decrease community regard for
same, and is therefore unsuitable. "Toad" at the start of the
appellation address fully completes the protocol requirement.

The appellation "Toad" continues in usage not only whilst the
recipient remains on our Native Soil, but also elsewhere. after either
voluntary departure, or deportation under an Australia First Citizens’
Community Order. It is a lifelong accolade.

Dear Victoria First Inc members and friends,

Reminder: Here is a reminder and more detail concerning our first general meeting at 1:45 pm for a 2 pm start until 4 pm on Saturday 1 February 2014. The venue is the “Community Room” at Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy.

Guest Speaker: The guest speaker is Dr Ernest Healy of the Centre for Population and Urban Research of Monash University. He will speak on "Melbourne – Heading for 'CARmageddon?” - increased car ownership and dependence with our population boom.

Venue: The venue is the Community Room in the Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy. The Melways Map reference is 2 C 1c. A narrow asphalt road leads off Brunswick St at the Tram shelter at Stop No 20 next to the Fitzroy Bowling and Sports Club. Follow the road a short distance to the Community Room which is located under the huge Fitzroy Football Ground Stand and next to the tennis courts We will sign-post the route on the day.

Transport: Tram along St Georges Road and Brunswick St. Get off at Tram Stop 20. Unfortunately there is no parking outside the "Community Room" but there are 2 disabled spaces. Along one side of Alfred Crescent on the east side of the Edinburgh Gardens there is unlimited parking. There is 2 hour parking, some along Alfred Crescent but some along Brunswick Street and in side streets.

Contact: Please contact Julianne Bell Secretary for any enquiries about the meeting or if lost on the day in the Edinburgh Gardens on Mobile: 0408022408.

We look forward to seeing you at our first public meeting of Victoria First Inc.


Kelvin Thomson


Victoria First Inc.

Another threat on our democracy and sovereignty is not "just" immigration numbers. Foreigners, namely Chinese real estate investors, are swooping down on our properties in a bargain basement sale!

In anticipation of sales growth, real estate agencies are launching websites exclusively at the Asian property market. The Year if the Horse could be lucky for the wealthy Chinese - at our expense.

Sales and marketing director of one,, said affordable property prices, a stable political situation, education opportunities and a clean environment made Australian properties attractive to Chinese buyers. Must wonder if the Chinese ever wonder why we have so many properties not selling? A glut in apartments, and unaffordable housing!

Some are pure investors, some have children studying here, and others plan to immigrate.

Real Estate agents said the Chinese like our clean air and lifestyles - the former disappearing due to congestion and crowding in our cities.

Melbourne's west is proving a hit with Chinese investors with Werribee and Truganina emerging as unlikely hot spots. These new hot spots come just months after Foreign Investment Review Board figures revealed Chinese investors had spent a hefty $4.187 billion on Australian real estate across the 2011-12 financial year. Our sovereignty is being diluted for "economic growth" at all costs.
The Chinese city of Shanghai hosted a seminar on buying Australian property almost once a week.

We elect our governments in the naïve belief that they will do their best for the electorate, the citizens of Australia. Now, patriotism is being attacked and we are being invaded by stealth!

Immigration is out of control. At least in the condemned "White Australia" policy era, there was tight control over immigration, despite its flaws and racism. Now, the flood gates are open wide, and Australia is being globalized at a rapid rate. How can Australian home-buyers compete with millions of cashed-up Chinese migrants - and predatory investors?

This is another aspect of immigration that the Stable Population Party needs to address.

House hunters gallop into Chinese New Year

Almost everyone who wants immigration reduced, seems to also object greatly to immigration reduction based on race/culture/religion.

For this reason, I can't see mainstream population control parties being very successful, or at least, keeping any victory. More likely, a far right organisation will take the ball and run with it. People who want immigration control in Britain, often vote BNP, even though they don't like the BNP's nationalism.

It's not that I want it to be that way, but that logically, having some criteria for assessing immigration as valid and good, and some as invalid and not to be touched, is less logically congruous than simply saying that any criteria a nation needs to assess immigration is A-OK.

This is the simplicity of not having to be Politically Correct, you don't have to justify why some criteria are OK to enforce and others evil.

Editorial comment: The embedded 57 minute video below by Betsy McGee is better than I had imagined possible. Watch it as soon as you can find a spare 57 minutes. If you delay watching this video, you will almost certainly regret having done so, once you have seen it. The video tackles head-on the critical issues that none of the Internet's politically correct 'progressive' spokespersons will raise, including:
  • the immigration rort;
  • false flag terrorism, particularly the Boston Bombing of 2013
This video can also be viewed on BrassCheck TV
A concern I have with this video is that, on at least two occasions, it implicitly condemns those who want to stabilise human population by claiming that a number of powerful global vested interests have plans to depopulate the globe of most its human population. However, even with this apparent flaw, the remaining content of this video is still essential viewing.

Carlos Arredondo - Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?


I agree that this dilemma exists but the superficiality and self-imposition of its construction has to be exposed.

In reality the problem is not based essentially upon our denigration of another race/culture/religion, but instead upon a lack of recognition and connection by the average citizen to our own culture and values. By comparison for example the French, by and large, don't have this same coyness about the matter. Neither to any of the major Asian societies. It is only the innately dis-possessed Anglo settler communities that seem to have abandoned themselves to this fear and dreadful avoidance of being 'exclusive'.

A sensible approach would be to recognise some effective 'rate of change' measures by which to assess the resilient bounds for impact upon critical qualities within both the landscape and the social base. This then bears the political focus away from a supposed negative 'fear of the intruder' and toward a positive awareness and care for extant qualities that are commonly identified and deemed to be valuable.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH):

Bill Glasson heckled at Griffith by-election forum far as political gimmicks go, it was hard to look past Stable Population Party candidate Timothy Lawrence, who offered free condoms to all in attendance.

The comedic approach highlighted the serious platform on which the party is based – controlling Australia's population so it does not exceed 26 million by reducing immigration and phasing out government birth payments to families at two children.

“Under tripartisan policies, Australia's population is currently growing by over 1000 people a day,” he said.

“That's a new Gold Coast every 18 months.”

Clearly, population is really THE issue! It's assumed that population growth is an indication of consumer confidence in the economy - whereas it's largely a political choice.

The Liberal National Party candidate, who left before the questions from the floor due to another commitment, faced an at times hostile audience in the the Labor/Green heartland of Griffith. The tide may be turning against the government?