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Griffith by-election

New Year's Resolve From Our Political Leaders - Griffith By-Election Opportunity

New Year’s Resolve from our political leaders. Are they out of touch with reality?…………See comments in Bold

Australians should enter 2014 full of optimism and willing to have a go to better their country, Prime Minister Tony Abbott says. He says the strength of the country is in its people's willingness to better their lives. 'This is the year I hope more of us than ever will have a go', he says in a new year's message.

Griffith By-Election 8 Feb 2014: Timothy Diamond Lawrence - Sustainable Population Party Candidate

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"..70% of Australians prefer a smaller population. They don't want a 'Big Australia' by 2050, and, none of the major parties are listening. So we're here to give the majority of Australians the choice that they want. [...] We're about the people, the citizens of Australia, who deserve a choice." Timothy Diamond Lawence, Griffith candidate.

Stable Population Party leads field in Griffith By-Election 2014

Timothy Laurence is the only relevant and fresh candidate in this by-election in retiring (but not shy) Kevin Rudd's old seat. Relevant because he is the only one talking about the problems of population growth here, whereas the media and Tweedledum and Tweedledummer constantly promote the problems as if they were some kind of boon. Anyone half-awake knows that self-government, rights and freedoms, as well and the environmental beauty and health of Queensland are being buried in the ongoing tsunami of high immigration and growth-lobby activities to cater for it.
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