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Video: Stranger than fiction 2 US senators fan Ukraine civil war and more

Violence started up again in eastern Ukraine soon after New Years Day, which was the day of an immensely shameful visit to the front lines in Ukraine by the scabrous US republican Senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. In the video below, after a short speech in Ukranian by an obese Poroshenko dressed in a camouflage fatigues, we hear in English at 1.17 in the video, these appalling foreign politicians encouraging the Kiev soldiers assembled to start up their war against East Ukraine again. The English is interpreted into Ukrainian. The expressions on some of the soldiers faces are fascinating and tragic, when you consider that with unemployment so high in Ukraine, many of them may have joined the army merely to survive and they won't want war, let alone war financed by the US deep state. The two nasty old American men also said that they would return to America to find support for the overthrow of Russia. This appears to be a continuation of previous warmongering by an attempted US shadow government. For more about US involvement in Ukraine see The utter evil of these actions is clear when you consider that they signal that this dreadful war would probably run out of steam without this kind of repeated foreign stimulus. One also wonders, listening to the insane statements about Putin, whether the deep state actually thinks it would be a good idea to put the incompetent Poroshenko in as a replacement for Putin in Russia. See video inside.

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This comment, on a Sydney Morning Herald article, is too good to waste on the SMH readers, so I had to post it here:

Said Feb 5 2017 at 5:22pm

China is about as Communist as a Big Mac. They haven't abandoned authoritarianism, it's true. I have listed in China many years.

I actually see an awful lot in common with the way the Chinese government media employs propaganda to concretise the Party's rule and demonise opponents, with the current US situation, where massive media propaganda is being deployed to demonise Trump and praise all things "liberal."

It's pretty much the same MO: deflect all attention away from the "good" guy's bad-doings, and exaggerate and focus upon the "bad" guy's faults, including twisting all data to meet those ends.

I'm very surprised so many liberals in the US, Australia and elsewhere cannot see this sham for what it is. They have fallen for the show, hook, line and sinker.

I hate to say it, but at this time in history the Chinese general public are more sophisticated and critical of media manipulation than liberals in western countries.

The Chinese would never fall for such an obvious propaganda act.

Western liberals simply hear what they want to hear, and the rest is simply pushed aside.

Ironically, many liberals in both the US and Great Britain have been arguing for a military's takeover of government, to usurp the democratic process, which they seem to despise because it grants people with other beliefs and opinions a voice.

These are the same people who call Trump a fascist.

Oh, the irony of it all!

More, mostly nonsense, here:"