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The end of Daesh - Why isn't the west celebrating?

President Assad and President Putin met on 21st of November to celebrate the defeat of Daesh in Syria, but we hear little of this in the western media, which is distracting people with Hollywood scandals. In this brilliantly documented episode of The Debate, Iranian Press TV has conducted an interview with Janice Kortkamp, a journalist from Washington, and Jonathan Fryer, a London-based writer and lecturer, to discuss "the end of Daesh" terrorist group in Syria and Iraq.

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Our other news (not mainstream) has been quite clear about what/why/when the US decided Assad was a 'bad guy', and it was after he said NO to the US pipeline proposal crossing through his country! That would hurt Russia's economy badly, since they already sell to many countries, and Russia and Syria were allies. And so - we know what happened.
Even Robert F Kennedy Jr. here in the US, and economist Fadhel Kaboub, and political comedian Jimmy Dore have shown the pipeline proposal and the timeline of when Assad suddenly was a 'bad guy' - and the US funded forces to destroy Assad and the country, funded people who KILLED and DESTROYED those simply trying to defend their country. Many atrocities. Sickening. The US is the BIGGEST bully and terrorist IN the world and causes suffering, destruction and death ALL OVER the world.

The mass exodus of refugees from Syria should be reversed, with mass repatriation. In fact, most refugees should only have temporary status in other countries, until peace is resolved. With global over-population, evacuating whole nations in time of conflict is unsustainable, and un-fair pressure on host countries.
Syria needs people with skills to rebuild it and protect it.