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No War on Venezuela - Endorsing International Campaign -Melbourne meeting 23 Feb 2019

Below is a list of only some signatures from international organisations and individuals endorsing the campaign No War on Venezuela. Full list on web page. Action plan for Melbourne organised by the Australian-Venezuelan Solidarity coalition on Saturday 23 February, 11am at Trades Hall.

40+ Cities Plan Activities During #23Feb
Weekend of International Actions

Send in your action plans or use our guide
to plan an event in your area
*Please share widely across lists, networks, and on social media*
If you haven’t already submitted your planned action for the weekend of February 23rd, please submit the details here. Upwards of 40 cities across the world, from the U.S. to Bangladesh, Canada to Malta, India to Russia, and many others are planning actions. Find the full list of what’s already being planned below.
If you’re in a city where nothing has been planned yet, but you still want to show solidarity - don’t worry! We can help.
Every action held during the weekend of February 23 - no matter the size or scale - will have an impact.
Consider a smaller-scale action to raise awareness:
  • Link up with a few like-minded allies to print our fact sheets on Venezuela and pass them out in public places, such as a mall or public transit station
  • Consider a banner-drop, a picket, or holding signs and distributing fact sheets near a busy intersection or overpass. Get slogans or pre-made placards from our resource page
  • Wear red with your friends and take a photo while holding pro-Venezuela messages and tag them on social media as #HandsOffVenezuela or #23feb
  • Picket your local gas station with messages that convey: NOT ANOTHER WAR FOR OIL!
  • Screen Venezuela: La lucha sigue, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, or other films that tell the truth about the Bolivarian Revolution at a public space or in your home. Invite like-minded activists to link up and begin to plan the next day of action in support of Venezuela.
Whatever activity you organize, make sure to post pictures to social media with #HandsOffVenezuela and #23feb, and send them in to
You can also use our Facebook page to link up with like-minded allies, post a message on Twitter and tag our account, or send an email to our international organizers. We will be glad to assist you in planning an action in your area and connecting with others in your area.
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