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Uphold the Rule of Law - demand that the Australian government act to end the illegal imprisonment and torture of Julian Assange

The article below is an adaptation of a double-sided A5 leaflet I wrote to be distributed at the Friday Night Vigil for Julian Assange held in front of Flinders Street Railway Station from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. The 210K PDF file is attached to the article Barraitser's 'compassion' towards Julian Assange a ploy to avoid judicial scrutiny of the United States' illegal war on journalism? (12/1/21). I have since handed out this same leaflet, so far, at three subsequent Friday night vigils.


End the illegal detention and torture of this Australian hero.

Why won't the Australian government act to get Julian Assange out of the Belmarsh hellhole?


By its stated intention to imprison the visionary Australian journalist and publisher, Julian Assange, for 175 years, the United States government has confirmed the criminality and malevolance of those who are truly in charge of it. State officials, including Hillary Clinton, have also been recorded talking openly about assassinating Assange.

Because mainstream media now only reports what the US government tells it, the world needs the Wikileaks news service to reveal the truth behind the United States' and its allies' wars, over the last three decades and beyond. Wikileaks has protected the identities and the ability of people in the military, government spy agencies, government bureacracy, or private corporations, to get vital information out to all of us about repeated dangerous and criminal acts of states towards ordinary people.

The United States' deep state has been trying since 2010 to get its hands on Julian to punish him for revealing its war-crimes to the world, and for refusing to reveal his sources. The US wants firstly to prevent Julian Assange from resuming his own work for Wikileaks, and secondly, to set a precedent that would allow the US henceforth to kidnap any other journalist, whose reporting would reveal to us facts about other invasions of, and meddling in the affairs of countries throughout much of the world - in countries like Venezula, Cuba, Bolivia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iran - that the US wants to keep hidden from us.

Julian Assange is not even an American. He is an Australian citizen. He has committed no crime - he has only been found guilty of the misdemeanour - skipping bail in 2012 to seek asylum in the London Ecuadorian embassy after the Swedish prosecutors had sought to extradite him for questioning over allegations of sexual assault by two Swedish women.

When the Swedish government refused to give Julian a guarantee that they would not allow the US to extradite him, he decided that the request for questioning could only be a ploy on behalf of the US. So, Julian skipped bail' and sought asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy. For thus acting to thwart US attempts to illegally kidnap him from Swedish soil 8 years ago, UK Judge Vanessa Barraitser sentenced Julian Assange to imprisonment alongside convicted terrorists and murderers in Belmarsh Prison for 50 weeks - the absolute maximum offence for the misdemeanour of skipping bail.

Even after Julian had served that outrageous sentence, Barraitser further extended his detention to allow more time for the US prosecutors to prepare their 'case' for extradition, which, after weeks of further kangaroo court proceedings, was denied to the US, whilst all the prosecution's smears against Julian were still upheld.

In spite of this unexpected ruling, Barraitser refused to release Julian. He is expected to spend many months in degrading conditions behind bars whilst various appeals by the US against her rulng are heard.

What you can do

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The removal of former United States President Donald Trump and his replacement by Joe Biden seems, so far, not to have improved Julian Assange's circumstances.

From Biden Regime Wants Julian Assange Crucified (10/2/21) by Stephen Lendman:

The … calls on Biden to drop spurious charges against Assange and order his release were rejected.

Criminalizing his truth-telling journalism continues — a US dagger thrust into the heart of constitutionally affirmed First Amendment rights bipartisan hardliners want undermined by repressive legislation.

If occurs, extraditing Assange to the US for politicized show trial persecution will be another major body blow to digital democracy, the last frontier of media freedom.

Crucifying [Julian Asange] for truth-telling journalism and whistleblowing revelations of government wrongdoing reflects the hallmark of totalitarian rule.

Censorship of what’s vital to know is likely prelude for much greater harshness to come.

We’re all Julian Assange. His fate is ours.

In the following transcript from from a Video posted on 5 March to Twitter, Irish Sinn Fein MP Mairéad Farrell, in the Teachta Dála (TD) - the Irish lower house of Parliament - asked the government of Ireland to raise the issue of the attempt by the US government to extradite Julian Assange from the UK with the British government:

"'If wars can be started with lies, then peace can be started with the truth,' as per the words of Julian Assange. The case of Julian Assange is very simple: Acting as a journalist and publisher, in coordination with the Guardian, Der Spiegel and the New York Times, he exposed major war crimes by US Forces and its allies. The NUJ (National Union of Journalists) has said the charges attempt to criminalise actvities, that, for many NUJ members, is their daily work. As he is not an American citizen, his extradition by the British government would mean that the US would have carte blanche, across the globe to persecute journalists and pubishers for revealing state crimes. And I am asking you to raise his case both with the British ambassador and with the US Administration."