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House of Representatives

How the "Bring Julian Assange Home" group can make the Morrison government act to free Julian or hold it to account for failure to do so

Update 12:40pm, Thu 3 June 2021: After I had posted this finished article at 4:50AM this morning, I realised that the most recent example I had cited in the Appendix below was dated 26 February 2020 - more than 12 months old! (more inside) More recent Hansard pages are Assange, Mr Julian Paul (25/2/2021) by Tony Zappia MP, Committee on 25/03/2021 by Senator Rex Patrick, Mr Julian Assange (25/2/2021) by Senator Whish-Wilson, Assange, Mr Julian Paul (2/2/2021) by Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Iraq War, Mr Julian Assange (16/2/2021) by Senator Peter Whish-Wilson. I will append copies of the above pages below in another Appendix shortly. (more of this update inside)

A search (with the search terms "Julian Assange" - quote marks omitted) through the Hansard of Australia's 46th Parliament, elected on 18 May 2019, reveals a number of powerful speeches in support of Julian Assange by members and supporters of the "Bring Julian Assange Home" group from the floors of both the the House of Representatives and the Senate. Some of these are included below in the Appendix. However, that search also showed that there was surprising little response from members of the Government of Scott Morrison of whom these speeches are so harshly critical. Most of the speeches were not responded to at all whilst, on the few occasions that they did respond, such as in Question Time, neither Prime Minister Scott Morrison nor Foreign Minister Marise Payne bothered to make more than a token pretence at rebutting the substance of these speeches.

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