Dog barking and other forms of acoustic assault

What recourse do victims of nuisance dog barking have?

Barking dogs and other forms of aural assault gravely degrade the quality of life of many in our community, including my own. Are there ways in which the victims of nuisance dog barking remedy this situation? Is reliance upon local government to enforce anti-barking laws, where they exist, the best approach. What other forms of recourse are there?

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The sound of noise such a the barking of dogs, car horns, loud music, whipper-snippers (particularly of the 2-stroke variety) degrades and sometimes destroys the quality of life of many. Although the aggrieved are the victims of such acoustic assault, their is still another side to this question. The purpose of this forum is to spell out the health and psychological issues at stake, what, if at all, the necessity for creating noise unwanted by others may be, and how, people of good will on both sides of this controversy can come up with an approach that could be advocated within our political institutions that would meet the reasonable needs of those on both sides of this controversy.