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Kevin Rudd

Julian Assange, courageous publisher: Ecuador's gain is Australia's loss

Julian Assange, the courageous innovative publisher of Wikileaks, who told the world the truth about US army torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib has been found by the united Nations to have been illegally held in indefinite detention since he was granted asylum by Ecuador in August 2012, due to the British and Swedish governments complicity with the United States. Now Australia has lost this citizen of global courage and action in defence of human rights, to Ecuador, which has just recently granted him citizenship. See "Julian Assange granted Ecuadorian citizenship to provide 'another layer of protection'"

Contendor for Australian Labor Party leadership defends Syria against US-sponsored terrorism

See also: Mark Latham, who opposed "Your Rights at Work" campaign and supported Howard in 2007, says Albanese shouldn't be Labor leader of 9 Oct 2013; Labor Leadership Contenders' Views on East West Link - Albo opposes it! of 6 Oct 2013.

Update, 28 Nov 2013: No mention was made of Syria by Albanese, Shorten or the audience in the leadership debate of 24 September. (Whilst this could have been because of time constraints, it seems a surprising omission.)
On 20 April, 2013, Anthony Albanese, a candidate for the national leadership of the Labor Party by membership ballot,1 expressed 2 his support for Syria3. This is contrary to how much of the senior leadership of the Labor Party has acted. 4 For two and a half years they supported the United States as Syria has tried to defend itself against invasion by proxy terrorists armed, paid for and supplied by the United States. This war has, so far, since March 2011, cost 100,000 lives.

Australian Elections 2013: New Dog, Old Clown

It’s been a saga with revolving doors,
First Kevin 07 with all his flaws
Then out as PM in election 2013
But there was another PM in between!

Belated 'support' for former Prime Minister Julia Gillard a ploy to help Abbott win?

Andrew Holden, Age Editor-in-chief

The Age newspaper, owned by Fairfax Media limited, reported on 4 September that Roger Corbett, 4 chairman of Fairfax Media said that Julia Gillard should have remained Prime Minister in preference to the "discredited" Kevin Rudd.

Mr Corbett said, "His colleagues sacked [Kevin Rudd] because they judged him to be incapable as Prime Minister."

Paul Craig Roberts: U.S. war criminals (and their Australian accomplices) totally discredited

Updates: Lebanese Expert: Firing Rockets Message for Military, Congress, Syria and Allies of 3 Sep 2013 on Al-Manar, Israel, US give conflicting accounts of ballistic missile (including video) of 3 Sep 2013 on PressTV, Human shield formed to protect Syria from military action (including video) of 3 Sep 2013 on PressTV. Updates that were previously listed in this teaser have been placed in an appendix. Sites, on which truthful and up-to-date reporting of the Syrian conflict can be found, include: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), Syria News, PressTV, Russia Today, Voltaire Net, and Global Research.
War criminals and serial liars, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, and their Australian accomplices, Prime Minster Kevin Rudd and Foreign Minister Bob Carr

This coming Saturday 7 September, most Australians will be forced to make the unpalatable choice between, on the one hand, the Opposition Liberal Party and the ruling Labor Party. The Liberal Party is resolved to destroy 7,000 public service jobs, remove the right of trade unions to enter workplaces and give the Green light to destructive and horrifically expensive projects such as the East-West Link and the Phillip Island industrialisation project. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, as well as promoting rampant population growth and section 457 visas has, on the international stage, facilitated military aggression against Libya in 2011 and has done his utmost to repeat the exercise with Syria. Fortunately for Syria and the rest of the world, President Obama's war plans against Syria have been defeated by international and domestic opposition as described in the included article of 30 Aug 2013 by Paul Craig Roberts. It is vital, if peace and democracy are to survive that Kevin Rudd, Bob Carr and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott be held to account for their support for the U.S. Government's criminal actions.

Australia's shameful collusion in the bullying of Syria

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, informant for the US embassy since the 1970's

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who colluded in the invasion of Libya by calling for a "no-fly" zone

Breaking news : (30 August, 11:30AM GMT+10) UK Parliament votes against war

(Originally posted: Mon, 26 Aug 2013, 01:20:28 +1000) See also: Syria 'Chemical Weapons' Crisis: Live Updates on RT, Appendix 1: Links to factual reporting on Syria, Appendix 2: Mainstream media war propaganda.

Unlike Syria, Australia has participated in several unjust wars since the end of the Second World War.1 As a result of two of those wars, 1,300,000 Iraqis, fled to Syria. The illegal wars, in which Australia participated include: The Korean War,2 the Vietnam War, the Gulf War of 1991, the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

In its "demographics" section The Wikipedia Syria article, states:

According to the World Refugee Survey 2008, published by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Syria hosted a population of refugees and asylum seekers number approximately 1,852,300. The vast majority of this population was from Iraq (1,300,000), but sizeable populations from the former Palestine (543,400) and Somalia (5,200) also lived in the country.[106]

Kevin Rudd

The failed former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was recently put back in office as a result of a putsch orchestrated by the Fairfax newsmedia's Age newspaper after Prime Minister Julia Gillard tried to make it possible for the voting public to properly hold to account all candidates contesting the forthcoming Federal elections.

Glib and Fanciful - Rudd's 'sustainable' big Australia talk is just what the developers ordered

On 7 March 2013, Kevin Rudd was a lead speaker at a pro-population growth meeting held by the "Urban Development Institute of Australia", which is a property developer body that lobbies continually for higher immigration to grow Australia's population. Now Mr Rudd is our Prime Minister, but he still sounds as if he is working for a bunch of property developers.

The real new leader of the ALP - 26 June 2013

What really drove the so-called leadership crisis in the Federal Government, which has gone on for about three years? Tonight, as Julia Gillard steps down, who really benefits, and how?

Kevin - Big Australia - Rudd adds fuel to UDIA Unsustainable Growth

“Mr. Rudd needs to be severely questioned on the title of his talk but the context makes this unlikely. Were he speaking in parliament or the public realm he might be questioned but his speech on Thursday will be heard at a forum of an industry known for its bias to high population growth with no practical or logical end point.” (Jill Quirk, President, SPAVicTas)

No politicians with ideas, please!

Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull like many other politicians seem to think of themselves as ideas men. Do we really need politicians with 'ideas' or are they a liability?

Gillard is Rudd in drag; Abbott is Howard's protégé. It's 2007 take 2. I've already 'absentee' voted.

If Gillard is not a rehash of the hollow Rudd, who hoodwinked us into the false hope of the 2007 pork barrelling and spun that hollow 2020 Summit; Gillard's absence of maxims and deadlines for Australia's population/immigration targets only confirms voters ought to presume more of the same.

Ordinary voters need to detox from this election bender.

Only the political parties, their advertisers and their media allies stand to benefit - like clubs that own the pokies.

LibLab simpletons suffer a dearth of vision for Australia

Two weeks out from a federal election and the range and depth and vision on the two major parties - the LibLabs is woefully simplistic and shortsighted. Both are selfishly limited to an 'ends justifies the means' approach purely to get elected. Both are indulging in election-term economics, lobbying marginal seats, pork barreling the swinging voter and trying to differentiate themselves from each other. Neither are relevant to the future governance of Australia.

Kelvin Thomson's take on PM Julia Gillard's tack on population

"Inevitably when a Prime Minister or a Government says or does something there is a political analysis – Why are they doing this? What are they up to? While this is pretty much unavoidable, I think the explanation here is a pretty simple conjunction of the Prime Minister’s own convictions with the views of the vast majority of Australians." (Kelvin Thomson)

Gillard is incredibly an unelected 'acting' PM and perceived a Labor Right puppet, until the electorate decides

Now that people have finally accepted that gender is and should be irrelevant in politics (at least in civilised societies like Australia), we can get down to the agenda and actions of Acting PM Gillard's new leadership team.

De-Rudding seems to be a fast way to work the pollsters to gain quick public relations wins, necessary for any new replacement PM.

On what issues and promises did Rudd Labor win the last election and so comprise unfinished obligations to the Australian electorate? Such are what Labor is responsible and accountable to the electorate for the 'Rudd four year term! But now that this is the Gillard term, is there is a mandate disconnect between the electorate and the government?

I would rather be an optimist than a pessimist, said the Dodo bird

A common line of argument from those who favor population growth in Australia is that it's all a matter of optimism versus pessimism, and that environmentalists are much too negative. But there are situations where optimism would be better named meglomania.

Our Misconception of Australian Democracy

As Australians we pride ourselves with the presumption that we live in a democracy benefiting from the universally accepted principles of 'equality and freedom'.

We are supposed to have a "government of the people, by the people, for the people" [Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865]. But in reality we are denied full or 'direct democracy' and are expected to tolerate the more compromised version of 'representative democracy'.

But those so-called 'representatives' repeatedly let us down. They are instead controlled by their own political party agendas. Legislative voting is along party lines, not according to the say of local electoral seats that our 'representatives' are supposed to represent.

In fact we have what's branded an 'illiberal democracy' - a narrower definition of full democracy and one in which, although elections take place, voters are excluded from government agendas, denied any say into party policies, denied any say in drafting legislation, denied any say in constructing government budget priorities. Party politics is where the real political power lies in Australian politics, not with the people.

Australia's Native Massacres - neocolonial genocide

The 2008 Belconnen Massacre - lest we forget

We are reminded of the brutal Belconnen massacre of 500 kangaroos yesterday two years ago on 19th May 2008, followed shortly afterwards with another 4000 or so kangaroos massacred at the Majura Army training area.

These wildlife massacres reflect a prevaling backward colonial attitude by our government towards native animals. Native animals were regarded as vermin by early colonists. This attitude prevails.

Today's 21st century official slaughter of Australian native animals is no different to the official slaughter of Australian native people by European colonists, who treated Aboriginal people as vermin.

Cost of housing and cost of dependency in Australia

Republished here to give background to Sheila Newman's remarks in her debate with Steve Bracks on the Jon Faine show 19-4-2010. You can comment on Jon Faine's "Population Forum" about the debate here and you can listen to the podcast here. The sector in Australia that has the most costly dependency ratio must be the property sector, since it costs all Australians an enormous and unreasonable amount just to cover the cost of land for housing, business and agriculture. Most of the very high costs involved are completely unnecessary, except in the eyes of greedy developers and their hangers-on. The only reason that the costs are so high is that the industry wants it that way and our state and federal governments are in cahoots with it. See also on Labor Resources and Labor Holdings etc. Early identification of the Growth Lobby is to be found on my thesis by that name, notably in Chapter 6. The latest article on candobetter on dependency ration is "Discussing Australia's Dependency ratio 2009 with graph by Dr Katharine Betts"

Rudd's 'Big Australia' driving up costs of living and creating poorer Australians

Rudd's penchant for a 'big Australia' is behind his absurd record immigration policy. Population growth and congestion is out of control and is the common denominator driving up Australian land prices, electricity, water, inflation, consumer demand, interest rates and the costs of living of ordinary Australians.

Our state and federal public infrastructure cannot cope - roads, public transport, health, education, housing, you name it! The cost of living for ordinary Australians is becoming desperate!
See also Cost of housing and cost of dependency in Australia

Rudd morally bankrupt

Kevin Rudd ignored the killing fields of Commonwealth Sri Lanka in May 2009 while Sinhalese Rajapaksa committed genocide to ethnic Tamils.

Kevin Rudd is now troubled by the Sri Lankan asylum seekers.

Kevin Rudd continues to support United States/CIA strategic aggression in Afghanistan with Australian troops, US special forces atrocities and all.

Kevin Rudd is now troubled by the Afghan asylum seekers.

Swan’s growth fetish belies the LibLab's stale 20th Century baby-boomer ideology

Today Treasurer Wayne Swan has tried to justify another rise in interest rates by claiming in true 'polly-speak' that such an impost is a sign of a stronger Australian economy. Swan’s growth fetish belies the Lib/Labs stale ideology. Last month Swan's fettish for strong economic growth and strong population growth for Australia was reaffirmed at the Population Summit in Brisbane held 30th March 2010.

But Swan's growth fetish and consequential rising costs of living do not augur well for most Australians with mortgages.

Rudd's new Population Ministry

The gap between the policies of the Liberal/Labor (Liboral?) party elites - that are politically addicted to massive population growth and mass-immigration - and the wishes of the electorate has never been greater. It’s a bipartisan problem. But Rudd appears like a deer caught in headlights.

What is the Rudd Government's real brief?

In 1996, the incoming Howard Government, 'discovered' a massive budgetary black hole left by the outgoing Keating Government. They claimed to have no choice but to impose slash-and-burn budgets and asset fire sales. The excuse of the cupboard left bare or crippling debt, supposedly taking all choice out of the hands of incoming Governments, forms part of a tired and recurring pattern in Australian history. Recently, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has seized upon the debt created by the Rudd Government's incompetently managed 'stimulus program' as an excuse to resurrect his dream of privatising Medibank Private and wielding the budgetary axe. Is history about to repeat itself, yet again? (Note: This article encompasses and replaces a brief article by Sheila Newman of 7 May 09 in which about Cyrius01's video "Krazy Kevin Rudd Responds to the Global Financial Crisis" was embedded.)

Australia, Afghanistan and three unanswered questions

In an address to the Australian War Memorial CEW Bean Foundation dinner on 15 October 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd claimed that our goals in Afghanistan had been "endorsed by the United Nations Security Council." Australian lawyer Kellie Tranter asks: was the war authorised by the Security Council, is it legal, and how many civilians have been killed?

Originally published on Online Opinion on 11 Feb 10. Other articles by Kellie Tranter include The thirst keeps growing in NSW of 19 Jan 10, Show them (and us) the money! of 8 Dec 09 about the idiocy of the Rudd Government's CPRS, Government, water and an arranged marriage of 2 Dec 09, Big Australia of 30 Oct 09, which asks how Rudd plans to ensure our the food and water security of 35 million Australians, Political stupidity and hydrocommerce madness of 20 May 09.
See also: Why Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should take another look at the "image of the twin towers coming down" of 30 Dec 09.

We already have a "big Australia"

Kevin Rudd has expressed his desire for a "big Australia", contrary to public interests, an independent scientific assessment of our "carrying capacity", and without any population plan or policy.
Our wealth is our natural heritage.
Deliberate population growth is all about greed and consumerism and a failure to appreciate what is naturally "big" about Australia.

In Sri Lanka, Rudd has emulated Whitlam's willful blindness to the 1975 invasion of East Timor

The callous and evil slaughter and rape of ethnic Tamils last May by the Sinhalese armed forces in Sri Lanka compares with the Indonesian mass murder of East Timorese in the Indonesian Invasion of 1975 and again in the 1991 Dili Massacre.

In September 1974, in central Java, Australia's Prime Minister Gough Whitlam told Indonesia's President Suharto that East Timor was “too small to be independent”. Thirty odd years later the Australian Government turned a blind eye to Rajapaska's Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka.

Seems Australia has quickly forgotten the lessons of Vietnam War. The late Martin Luther King is oft quoted from a sermon he delivered in 1967 on the Vietnam War "A time comes when silence is betrayal".

[This article follows on from the initial article after Rajapaksa's war crime assassinations of surrendering Tamils on 10 May 09: Tamil Tigers - hunted down and exterminated like vermin by Sinhalese President Rajapaksa [22-May-09]]

Why Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should take another look at the "image of the twin towers coming down"

On 26 March 2009 Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told how the image of the World Trade Center Twin Towers coming down, which he "[could not] remove from [his] mind," made necessary the continuation of Australia's increasingly unpopular intervention in the Afghan war. Perhaps it is time that Kevin Rudd took a proper look at those images so that he could learn what really happened on 11 September 2001.

Article, including embedded video, has been adapted from material found in story "Cutter Charges in the North Tower of the World Trade Center" of 26 Dec 09 on See also:, "WTC7 in Freefall", "'WTC7: NIST Admits Freefall' ...The Movie", parts 1, 2 and 3.

The Rudd-led Decultural Invasion of Australia

When Australia has an annual record 383,000 net migration this last year we have what is tantamount to foreign invasion by stealth. It is an 'immigration invasion'.

Howard started it and Rudd has perpetuated it. Australians are being pacified and re-educated into believing misleading justifications like economic growth, addressing skills shortages, multi-culturalism, being a world citizen, etc.

[This article was initially a comment to Sheila Newman's article 'Australia's governments are coordinating an unarmed invasion without your permission']

Ad hoc population growth is on-going colonisation

60% of our population growth is due to immigration. This is basically on-going colonisation!
The best estimate of the First Fleet, that we celebrate on Australia Day, is 1373 people.  Today the numbers of permanent and long-term migrants arriving in Australia to more than 500,000 a year. 
The Roman Empire, built by controlled immigration, perished under an onslaught of uncontrollable barbarian migration.
( photo source )


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