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pink noise

Greens' dilution of their conservation effort

If one checks the policies of the Australian Greens Party ('The Greens') on its website - of their 44 policies, some 28 are NOT directly related to environmental conservation, but instead 'social justice'. So where is the so-called 'Greens' Party headed and if most of their policies are NOT concentrated on core green conservation - does this political party deserve to retain its morally mandate for driving the 'green agenda' and should it morally brand itself big G 'Green'?

Hyperacusis - a condition of extreme sensitivity to sounds

If you find that people around you lack sympathy for your inability to tolerate very lound noises from certain sources, suggest that you both go and look up the condition of 'hyperacusis' at the hyperacusis site. It was only through this site that I came to some understanding and tolerance of the level of complaint about dogs barking on this forum. I was also able to explain changes in my own reaction to some sounds. In fact, as people age and their range of sound detection changes, they are likely to respond differently to sound. Potentially we will all know someone who will have a hyperacusis experience at some level at some time.

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