David Suzuki

Dr. David Suzuki Is NOT Sustainable

Suzuki Diaries Road-Trip Fails To Find Sustainability Please CBC: put our tax dollars to good use: Fire Dr David Suzuki and hire us a new environmental leader -- one who is competent enough to understand the following formula: Environmental Impact = Population X Per Capita Consumption Dr David Suzuki is an intellectual fraud because he seems to believe the correct formula is: "Environmental Impact = Per Capita Consumption"

The question remains: What accounts for David Suzuki's silence?

On September 22, 2006 an Australian interviewer asked Dr. David Suzuki on public airways, "Are you saying that Australia is overpopulated?" Suzuki replied, "You bet".

To date, May 28, 2008, he has not given any indication that it is his belief that Canada is overpopulated. Publicly that is. Privately he has revealed to the Population Institute of Canada by correspondence that that indeed is his position. But he won't take a public stance. Why not?