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Suzuki says Canada and Australia are full: Excerpt from Suzuki interview in L'Express

David Suzuki says Australia and Canada are ‘full’ and calls country’s immigration policy ‘crazy’. "We plunder southern countries by depriving them of future leaders, and we want to increase our population to support economic growth. It’s crazy!” This translated excerpt situates Suzuki's remarks on numbers in context and is a response to an email recently doing the rounds. Canadian writer, Tim Murray, has frequently criticised Suzuki for failing to criticise Canada's mass immigration which drives urbanisation and destroys natural habitat. Perhaps, in fact, Suzuki would not speak up like this in a Canadian interview, so savage is the Canadian mass media in its support of the commercial population growth lobby.

We are a nation of immigrants - so what?

Thoughts on David Suzuki’s observation that Canada is FULL. Now is the opportune moment to say that on this issue, Dr. David Suzuki is right.
Suzuki has offered us a golden opportunity to resurrect a longstanding demand. We need to develop a Population Plan for this country. We need to start a conversation that would answer one critical question about Canada. "How many people do we want to live here?"

Suzuki Lets Us Down Again---Environmental NGOs M.I.A. On October 31st

October 31st, 2011, was a "teachable" moment, one of those moments that come so infrequently that they must therefore be seized and exploited to the fullest extent to increase public awareness. That was the day that, according to demographers, we reached an awful milestone, the day that our species became 7 billion in number. If you expected David Suzuki to use that event to highlight the problem of overpopulation, your expectations would have been cruelly dashed. Dr. Suzuki instead chose to spout the Monbiot line. Overpopulation is not the problem, you see. Its overconsumption by you know who.
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Dr. David Suzuki Is NOT Sustainable

Dr. David Suzuki consistently fails to identify stopping population growth in Canada as a necessary part of achieving sustainability. His emphasis on green living habits and renewable technology alternatives are the classic politically correct dodge. In this devastating critique of the man, his organization, and his lifestyle, Brishen Hoff demonstrates that Suzuki does not deserve our adulation or our money. Somebody kick him off that pedestal please.


David Suzuki on population in Cosmos magazine

Issue 23 of Cosmos magazine (Oct/Nov 2008) features an article by Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki entitled 'A new bottom line'. Suzuki ponders the problem of exponential population growth and asks 'what is the collective impact of 6.7 billion human beings on one planet?

The question remains: What accounts for David Suzuki's silence?

In 2006, David Suzuki told Australians the truth, that is, that their country was over-populated. Why won't he tell his fellow Canadians the truth about their country?

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