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Champion of anti-whaling at mercy of Japanese court

Japanese whaling pirates raiding Australia's southern whale sanctuary every year poach all the whales they want, spin their exposed lie of scientific research to a complicit whaling commission bureaucracy that must exist only for the club sandwiches at meetings.

And what has Rudd-the-Dudd done to protect Australia's southern ocean and indeed its sovereignty from raiding Japanese poachers arriving from some 10,000km to the north? Squat, except publicly froth and bubble yet with no action like all his other core and non-core populist empty promises.

Now Peter Bethune is paying the price of Australia's bending over for Japanese whaling pirates to plunder and kidnap foreign nationals on the high seas as they please.

Auto deportation of immigrants convicted of serious crimes

In 2002, Senior Constable McEnally, 26, was murdered point blank by Tongan national, Sione Penisini.

More foreigners in Australian gaols? Australian laws need to be immediately changed to automatically deport immigrant criminals back to their originating country once found guilty of a serious crime (indictable offence) in Australia. Then judges won't have an option to allow foreign criminals remain here. Conversely, Australian nationals in foreign gaols should be sent home to serve out their time here. Australia ought set up bilateral quid pro quo for prisoners. Our gaols would then only have Australians in them.

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