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Protected Habitat Doubles for Magnificent and Endangered Blue-throated Macaw

(Washington, D.C., January 2, 2014) Bolivia’s Barba Azul Nature Reserve, home to the world’s largest population of the majestic Blue-throated Macaw, has been doubled in size through efforts led by Asociación Armonía, Bolivian partner of American Bird Conservancy (ABC). Asociación Armonía and several partner groups worked together to purchase an additional 14,820 acres that have expanded Barba Azul Nature Reserve from 12,350 acres to 27,180 acres. The reserve is the only protected savanna in Bolivia’s Beni bioregion that is spared cattle grazing and yearly burning for agricultural purposes.

Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigatable lake, is suffering from pollution

Lake Titicaca, which straddles the border between Bolivia and Peru, and which was venerated by the ancient Incas who ruled throughout South America from the 13th to the mid-16th centuries, is threatened by overfishing, the introduction of exotic species, pollution from 30,000 small illegal mines near its shores and the dumping of raw untreated sewage.

See also: Peru, Bolivia to clean Lake Titicaca of 22 Nov 08, 30,000 illegal mines pollute Lake Titicaca of 22 Sep 08, Bolivia's Lake Titicaca strangled of 3 Aug 07.

The Courier Mail letters editor's one-sided treatment of "Quantum of Solace"

Is the Letters Editor of Brisbane's Murdoch-owned Courier Mail newspaper apprehensive at the geo-political themes included in the latest James Bond Movie?

See also: "007 Bolivian socialist?" in the New Statesman of 14 Nov 2008 and discussion

Evo Morales re-nationalises energy and telecommunications companies, denounces biofuel-driven starvation

The BBC news service of 5 May reported that Bolivia's left wing indigenous President Evo Morales has moved to renationalise Bolivia's foreign energy and telecommunications companies. These had previously been privatised behind the backs of the Bolivian people in a process of IMF mandated 'reforms' which began in 1985 under the guidance of shock doctor Jeffrey Sachs.

See also Morales sets Bolivia recall date from BBC News of 12 May 08, Morales: The Problem is Capitalism from La Prensa of 17 May 08, Bolivia's Red Ponchos call to arms Youtube broadcast about Bolivia's indigenous pro-Morales militias - 04 May 08

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