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Growth corridor woes

Government Growth Policy is not working – an example of one Growth Area municipality struggling under the financial burden of infinite population growth. Other growth corridors are also in stress.

Cardinia Shire is a largely rural municipality about 60 km from Melbourne. A government designated corridor of population growth and housing construction has been absorbing rapid population increase since 2003. The population is predicted to double over the next 10 years. Current Council records indicate that five families per day are moving into the corridor.

Budget funds go to East West road link NOT rail projects

Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. (PPL VIC)

Media Release Wednesday 8 May 2013

Yesterday saw Premier Denis Napthine announce funding for the East West (Road) Link in the State Budget. Thus he has condemned Melbourne to future gridlock and has put on hold improved public transport in the form of urban rail to Doncaster, Tullamarine, Rowville and South Morang. PPL VIC together with many inner city community groups and Yarra Council has, over the past two years, been campaigning for “Trains Not Toll Roads “.

Transport for Sustainable Cities forum - Report

At the Sustainable Living Festival, Greg Hunt says he will work 'in a bipartisan way' with Kelvin Thomson on population numbers. Kelvin Thomson advises, "Say 'no' to new suburbs and 'no' to new high rise and infill."

Public meeting: "The cars that ate Melbourne - Public transport solutions for the state."

As the Federal Government's reckless and anti-democratic imposition of population growth causes several hundred thousand extra vehicles to be added to Australia's roads each year, Protectors of Public Lands is planning to hold a meeting featuring transport planning expert Dr Paul Mees to talk about ending our dependence upon the private motor vehicle.

Where: Meeting Room 1 Upstairs North Melbourne Library 66 Errol Street North Melbourne.
When: 1:45 pm for a 2 pm start, Saturday 5 December 2009


Brumby's parliamentary circus only lacks Caligula's horse

Brumby's parliament is a circus of Dorothy Dixers and false positives. He shows no remorse for the pain and loss his policies have inflicted on Victoria. Reading his words one is reminded of some little emperor in the last days of Rome.

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