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Scott Ludlum jumps aboard the Property Council's Growth Wagon

Arguably one of the most successful actions of the Australian Greens has been the reaction to their Democracy for Sale website. This site allowed the media and public to readily access information on ‘who gave what to whom’ and has, (albeit grudgingly), forced some governments to make changes to the funding regime. But more importantly it showed that political donations were not just for buying favours, they were also about changing government policies or legislation to suit the donor at the expense of the general public, including their right to protest. And when it came to getting legislation changed there was none more successful than the development industry. Paul Keating became involved in 2006 saying that New South Wales (NSW) property developers were sending a wall of money to the planning minister. Of course is wasn't only in NSW, West Australia (WA) was the home of the infamous 1980s “WA Inc.”, referring to corporate deals with government under Premier Brian Bourke. WA Greens Senator Ludlam would know this from the findings of the WA Corruption and Crime Commission report.

The Fake Environmentalists and their Pretend-Game

There is a grassroots storm gathering across the land against the endless development that is being shoved down our throats. But beware of those who would attempt to commandeer it for their own purposes, and manage growth by managing opposition to it. Beware of those who would wear us down by reacting to the symptoms of growth, rather than growth itself. Beware of the Pied Pipers of Green Deceit. Beware of the Fake Environmentalists and their Pretend-Game.

More Apologetics For Smart Growth

Smart growth represents the perfect compromise between corporations pushing growth and the environmental organizations they pay to look the other way. The corporations keep their profits while wearing a green cloak of social responsibility, while the green NGOs get dirty corporate money to keep their bureaucracies in business. Three questions come to mind. Why won't the members and supporters of these noble green crusading frauds do due diligence by reading the financial reports of their beloved organizations and follow the corporate money trail? And if they did, would they have the integrity to quit. And thirdly, where the hell is the Canadian media on this? Is investigative journalism alive in Canada?

News of Our Success is Greatly Exaggerated

It seems that in their search for greener pastures Australian planners, polticians and demographers have seized on "the Vancouver model" or "the Canadian experience" to justify their mad dream of cramming another 14 million people into the country. But the Canada they speak of must exist in a parallel universe, because it is not the one that Canadians "experience". Managing growth is like grabbing a tiger by the tail-----we are the ones who get "managed"---one bite at a time.

Growth Begins at Home

There is no need to send out a search party for the Growth Lobby. It lives in your neighbourhood and in your home town.

See also by Tim Murray: "What is a racist?" of 3 Jan 10, "The Green Badge of Courage" of 3 Jan 10 and "It is socially responsible to be socially irresponsible" of 4 Jan 10.

How green is "smart growth", really?

The Growth Management Industry, consisting of planning departments and pink and green growthists who belief that growth can be rendered ecologically benign by being channelled or fenced behind boundaries speak of "smart" growth the way the Pentagon speaks of "smart" bombs. Surgically targetted away from collateral damage like greenbelts and parks. But Brishen Hoff in this letter to a Green Party member, proves that no matter where they are distributed, people impact the environment. Numbers matter.

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