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ecological footprint

What is the cause of illiteracy on overpopulation? And what are the dangers?

Most people lack the basic education in arithmetic, geography and logistics to judge whether they are overpopulated, to compare population densities between regions, to factor in import and export, and, most importantly, to understand how waste-disposal requires natural 'services' or to understand that they are themselves, microbiologically, a part of nature, but that each one of us now is extended into a kind of per capita earth moving and processing factory for creating dead stuff. This article evolved from a response to a quora question and appears in its original form here: []

Overpopulation and industrial farming - city dweller tells of battery chicken factory night raid

Paul McCartney famously said ‘if slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian.’ Although I visited a factory farm and not an abattoir (more of a hard labour camp for chickens) and I was already a committed vegan before visiting, the experience certainly cemented my position on animal rights.

O'Connor analyses Lomborg's latest on ecological footprints

Mark O'Connor, author of Overloading Australia looks at Bjorn Lomborg's views on humans' ecological footprint.

The nature of greed

For all of the high consumption of non-renewable natural resources by today's middle class Canadians, and the consequent ecological damage, how does their quality of life compare to those of Canadians of the 1950's with their much lower ecological footprint?

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity of 6 Sep 2007 on Online Opinion and discussion.

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