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quality of life

I'm not against growth but....

How do people in Australia see the massive disruptions in their environment and diminution of their quality of life brought about by population growth which is more than double the natural increase of the nation's population? This overheard conversation gives some insight.

Stable Population Party Melbourne Launch 2013

Saturday 29 June 2013 was the Melbourne launch of the Stable Population Party Australia.
Its leader, William Bourke, gave the following interview.

Fun: are we getting enough?

Is life as much fun as it should be or are our opportunities for enjoyment in daily life eroding? Brolga-Brolga explores the notion of a Gross National Fun Quotient and finds that Australia is deficient in this vital national resource.

Tonight 7.15PM: Melbourne's skyrocketing population: Kelvin Thomson speaks out in Melbourne November 11

MP Kelvin Thomson "Melbourne's skyrocketing population and its implications for our environment and our way of life".
Australia's only parliamentary Environment and Population champion, Kelvin Thomson will be speaking at the Royal Park Protection Group AGM on Wednesday 11 November 2009, 7.15pm. If you can't make it on the 11th, there is another speaker meeting with Kelvin Thomson about overpopulation on the 29th of November.

Australia's population nightmare

Runaway, immigration-fueled population growth threatens to destroy Australia's environment, culture and quality of life. Yet Prime Minister Kevin Rudd thinks it's "great."

See also: "How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09, "Australia 'sleepwalking' into population disaster", ABC News, 18 Sep 09, "Population boom 'a recipe for tragedy'", The Australian, 18 Sep 09.

Australia's optimum population threatened by misguided UK political upstart - Ed Miliband

If "Australia was a big country well able to absorb a bigger population" [Ed Miliband], then we would have full employment, public infrastructure and services would have excess capacity ready to cope, federal and state governments would be in surplus and there would be no undue pressures on our economy, society or ecology.
But this is clearly not the case.

The nature of greed

For all of the high consumption of non-renewable natural resources by today's middle class Canadians, and the consequent ecological damage, how does their quality of life compare to those of Canadians of the 1950's with their much lower ecological footprint?

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity of 6 Sep 2007 on Online Opinion and discussion.

How growth has degraded the quality of life in Canada

Whilst economists misuse indicators such as the GDP to ”prove“ that an increase in real in come has coincided with massive population growth in Canada in recent decades, the reality is, as intuition and common sense should have warned, that Canadians on average are worse off as Brishen Hoff, President of Biodiversity First shows.

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity 6 Sep 08 concerning the quality of life in Australia

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