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Red Alert: Changes removing prohibitions on intensive pig and poultry farming in Victoria

"Single-minded focus on economics allows thousands of pigs and poultry to be kept, and if you're next door in any rural or green wedge or urban growth zone, your rights to know about it, object and go to VCAT are being extinguished. This Affects all rural and regional areas of Victoria, and Green Wedge and Urban Growth zones in metropolitan Melbourne. Pig and poultry business interests, and State government, are very happy. The rest, and the environment, can fade away." Macedon Ranges Residents' Association has distilled a huge body of information about shocking rule-changes for intensification of pig and poultry farming in Victoria's Green Wedges, called, in the bullying way of our political class, "Getting things done." We have kept the original formatting for the time being, for practical reasons. Thanks to Christine Pruneau, Secretary of the Association, for putting her extensive knowledge at our disposal.

Horrible Abuse at Tyson Pork Supplier USA

Humane Society investigation reveals workers kicking piglets like soccer balls, swinging sick piglets in circles, and ruthlessly beating mother pigs, who were trapped in 'gestation crates'.

Santa visits some pigs at Christmas in Germany

A German animal liberation group slip into a pig-farm and give the pigs a nice Christmas. (Film) Originally posted on 1 January. by Jan 4 it had over 150 reads. Reposted January 6th after loss due to site damage.

On behalf of Animals Australia - help to fight for better rights for farm animals

Help End Factory-Farming at
See also hereUPDATE 23 Nov 2009: The two biggest financial supporters of factory farming in Australia are Coles and Woolworths. They have the buying power to influence change by demanding ethically produced products and by not supporting producers that use cruel practices such as sow crates and battery cages. Animals Australia are suggesting that people ask Woolworths and Coles to use their purchasing power to improve the lives of animals. Your message need only be a few lines but it will provide an important call for change. Customers' views are considered important by Coles and Woolworths. Ed. Have you noticed that societies that treat domestic animals badly also treat their people badly. Standing up for other species is a way of standing up for yourself.

The unspeakable cruelty inflicted upon pigs by factory farming

Pigs are intelligent animals that have strong bonds with each other. They endure miserable lives to make pork and bacon products cheaper.

See also:, Secrets of the pork industry revealed.

What you can do: Help pay for a radio advertising campaign against this cruelty by visiting

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