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Geneva Peace Conference

Full speech of Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem to Geneva conference

Update, 8 Jan 2014: Nowhere in the Australian mainstream print or broadcast media is Walid Al-Moallem's speech printed, or even adequately paraphrased.
Like the (mis)reporting in all the Australian msm, the stories in the Fairfax Sydney Morning Herald, linked to below, fail to report anywhere the Foreign Minister's insistence that the Syrian people, and not the Geneva 2 Conference attendees, decide at an election whether or not Bashar al-Assad remain as President of Syria: Syria's Foreign Minister clashes with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at peace conference, Fiery exchanges over Assad's fate at talks, Syrian peace talks degenerate into acrimony, After angry opening, Syrian regime holds out hope for talks, Syria to allow women and children to leave besieged city.
In his opening address to the Geneva 2 Peace conference on 22 January 2014, published by SANA, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moallem gave a comprehensive account of the terrorist war of aggression that has, according to some estimates, cost Syria 100,000 lives in almost three years since March 2011. His speech named other conference attendees, including the United States, Israel and the Arab dictatorships of Qatar and Saudi Arabia as the principle perpetrators of these crimes. This speech was also published on Global Research on 22 Jan 2013.
The address by Secretary of State, John Kerry, which contains a number of known falsehoods, is also included as an Appendix for comparison with Walid Moallem's speech. The original can be found on the U.S. Secretary of State's web-site.

Ban ki-Moon tries to disrupt al-Moallem's speech – see PressTV story, embedded video
Update, 27 Jan 2014: Debate about Geneva 2 Conference from embedded as Appendix 3.

Greek government apologises for delay to Syrian delegation's flight, claims delay was unintentional

The story below was Originally published as Syrian delegation plane arrives at Geneva airport after four hour delay at Athens Airport on the English language SANA website. This article includes a brief editorial comment.
Geneva , (SANA) – The plane of the Syrian official delegation participating in the international conference on Syria arrived at Geneva airport after being delayed at Athens International Airport for four hours due to being prevented from refueling.
Earlier, SANA's correspondent, who is on the plane as part of a media delegation, said that the Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs also relayed the Greek authorities' apology for the unintentional delay to the crew and passengers, particularly to the members of the official delegation.

Attempt to stop Syria's voice being heard at the Geneva Peace Conference

Update 23:55 +10:00, 22 Jan 2014 :
European Union attempts to sabotage Geneva-2
by Thierry Meyssan (also included as Appendix).

John Kerry must have been dreading forthcoming exchange with Syrian delegation at Geneva 2 Peace Conference.

Approximately half a day before (2:30AM +10:0, 22 Jan 2013) the scheduled peace talks are to begin in Geneva, the plane carrying the Syrian delegation has been delayed at Athens Airport.

Russia Today reports:

"A plane with a Geneva 2 peace talks delegation onboard has been reportedly prevented from refueling as it landed in Athens."

"The plane en route to Switzerland was permitted to pass through the relevant airspace and had to land at Athens' airport for refueling, Reuters reported.

"Despite having proper clearances, the plane was still refused a refuel and the delay, so far, is three hours, according to SANA."

A Greek foreign Ministry spokesman claimed that "the issue has been settled. "Everything is OK, it has been cleared for take-off," he said, without specifying the reasons for the delay.

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