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President Bashar al-Assad

Case study in Distortion and Bias on Syria - PBS 'Frontline'

Most Australian and US viewers will be completely unaware that polls have consistently shown the majority of Syrians  supporting their government and opposing armed opposition attacks. British journalist Jonathan Steele wrote in 2012, “Most Syrians back President Assad but you’d never know from Western media. In 2013, a NATO study concluded that Assad was winning the battle for Syrian hearts and minds. In light of this it seems fair to ask: Why are none of these voices included in a documentary about Syria? Why were there no voices from members of the Syrian American Forum or Arab Americans for Syria or from Syrians who actually live in Syria and experience the conflict first hand? Read whole article inside.

Syrians show their support for President al-Assad in popular demonstrations

A link to the video, embedded below, was posted to a FaceBook discussion started by Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the United Nations with the comment, "Sorry Miss Ambassador but I don't see in this recent video taken on February 2014 that people are rejecting Assad".

Attempt to stop Syria's voice being heard at the Geneva Peace Conference

Update 23:55 +10:00, 22 Jan 2014 :
European Union attempts to sabotage Geneva-2
by Thierry Meyssan (also included as Appendix).

John Kerry must have been dreading forthcoming exchange with Syrian delegation at Geneva 2 Peace Conference.

Approximately half a day before (2:30AM +10:0, 22 Jan 2013) the scheduled peace talks are to begin in Geneva, the plane carrying the Syrian delegation has been delayed at Athens Airport.

Russia Today reports:

"A plane with a Geneva 2 peace talks delegation onboard has been reportedly prevented from refueling as it landed in Athens."

"The plane en route to Switzerland was permitted to pass through the relevant airspace and had to land at Athens' airport for refueling, Reuters reported.

"Despite having proper clearances, the plane was still refused a refuel and the delay, so far, is three hours, according to SANA."

A Greek foreign Ministry spokesman claimed that "the issue has been settled. "Everything is OK, it has been cleared for take-off," he said, without specifying the reasons for the delay.

Syrian singer al-Hinawi supports Syrian Army's fight against terrorism

First published as Syrian Singer al-Hinawi: I wouldn't abandon my national stances on 15 Jan 2014 on the English language Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) web-site. This report also includes: embedded YouTube video of performance and links to other stories recently published on SANA. See also: Syria News.
Damascus, (SANA) - Syrian Singer Mayada al-Hinawi affirmed that she wouldn't abandon her national stances whatsoever the price was.
In a statement to SANA, al-Hinawi said that she received an offer to participate in Sola Program, which is presented by Assala Nasri, in return for large amounts of money.

Syrian President al-Assad interviewed by CBS News

Update, 10 Sep 2012: Videos of Part 1 and Part 2 of full CBS interview, together with full transcript from President al-Assad's interview with American CBS news of 10 Sep 2013 at SANA, added. Global Research (GR) has similarly published the full transcript and video broadcast. (Highlighting from GR article has been reproduced here.) (This story originally published: 2013-09-10 03:27:34 +1000) See also: What 'dictator' ever willingly faced such media scrutiny? of 1 Jun 2013.

For more than two years, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been demonised by the Western presstitute newsmedia as a brutal dictator, a mass murderer, corrupt and, most recently, a chemical war criminal.

Unlike the serial liars Barack Obama and John Kerry, who have yet to face real questioning by the western 'journalists', Syrian President President Bashar al-Assad, for a brutal and corrupt dictator, has shown himself remarkably willing and able to face critical and probing interviews.

Australians for Syria protest in Sydney against foreign intervention

This is a fascinating video of a huge protest in Sydney on 5 August 2012 and we have put up a video of it with a number of interesting interviews from marchers, with comments from what they think of the Bashar Assad Government to how they don't like the Australian Greens policy on this matter and believe that we are risking World War Three by backing intervention in Syria. There is also some background on how Syria has been the long-term host one of the largest refugee populations in the world, which makes you wonder why it doesn't receive more support from Greens and Refugee activists. It must seem ironic that some EcoMalthusians are more inclined to give Syria that recognition! Please let us know if you have views on the democratic status of the Syrian government; we find it hard to judge.

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