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social disintegration

The Rudd-led Decultural Invasion of Australia

When Australia has an annual record 383,000 net migration this last year we have what is tantamount to foreign invasion by stealth. It is an 'immigration invasion'.

Howard started it and Rudd has perpetuated it. Australians are being pacified and re-educated into believing misleading justifications like economic growth, addressing skills shortages, multi-culturalism, being a world citizen, etc.

[This article was initially a comment to Sheila Newman's article 'Australia's governments are coordinating an unarmed invasion without your permission']

California USA - Panic Grows In Ca As Welfare Checks Set To Stop

California is like Bombay - the poor are beggars now.
Those who took democracy and privatised profit now want to nationalise debt.
Capitalism at its most uncivilised.
Will Americans simply let this happen? Will Australians take precautions that their governments do not try this on them?

Is Europe still European?

Should the people of Europe, as a consequence of misplaced feelings of guilt over crimes such as Auschwitz and those of the colonial era and ongoing outrages such as the so-called "war on terror", allow their unique histories and cultures be overwhelmed by large and ongoing influxes of people from the Third World, particularly from the Middle East and Africa?

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